Virgo zodiac sign tattoo

A tattoo of the zodiac sign Virgo is an earthly sign. It is the sixth in the zodiacal circle. Most people associate it with high moral principles, purity and purity. This sign is very pragmatic and its bearers usually have good analytical skills. Virgo is a great think ahead, see things through to their end and rarely if ever leave anything without a logical conclusion. In most of them – perfectionists, they want to keep everything in perfect order. These are all the traits of people who were born in the period from August 22 to September 23. Virgins also have excellent self-control and are honest and decent.


According to legend, Persephone, daughter of the goddess Demeter and Zeus, had a hard time. One day she was walking through the territories and was kidnapped by the grim Hades. He is known in mythology as the god of the underworld and is the blood brother of Zeus. Demeter was heartbroken over the loss of her beautiful daughter. She had no choice but to go in search of her daughter. Because of her grief, everything around her began to die out. Flowers died en masse, it stopped raining, and a great drought began. Zeus begged Hades to let Demeter see Persephone at least once in a while. After a couple of meetings, nature began to actively recover, and life began to play bright colors. With the alternation of infrequent meetings, the seasons began to change as well. Thus, when Persephone was absent from her mother’s life, cold winter began, and at joyful moments, spring.

Persephone has since been considered the goddess of prosperity and fertility. She lives in the firmament under the constellation of Virgo.

Famous Virgo Tattoo Styles

The zodiac sign Virgo tattoo can be brought to life in any performance and technique. This is a universal symbol. Most often stuffed with such a sketch is people born under this sign of the zodiac. By nature, they are pedantic, like minimalism and simplicity, so they choose geometry.

Tattoo Virgo for men can be a portrait of a mysterious and beautiful girl. Then it will be possible to score a sketch in realism, abstraction or choose greivosh.

The maiden tattoo for girls is also popular. Most choose constellations or the Latin ornate letter M. Such works are usually small. Many complement them with elements in the form of patterns, monograms, graphics or backgrounds. The sketch will look beautiful in watercolor.

Where to apply?

Tattoo with the sign of a maiden can be stuffed on any part of the body. It all depends on the style, the chosen size. The main thing is that the figure is placed in harmony. So, if the image differs in high detail, then it is better to choose the shoulder blades, forearms or shoulders.

Small patterns in the form of a constellation or symbol are very beautiful on the wrists. Astrologers assert that the owners of the tattoo of Virgo as a place of application should choose the waist or lower abdomen. Then the tattoo will be inaccessible to others’ eyes, the sign will be mysterious and amulet for the bearer. In general, regardless of the location of the application, the zodiacal Virgo tattoo will definitely bring harmony, the ability to choose, think and prioritize in the life of its owner.