Taurus Tattoo

The Taurus tattoo is an earthly sign. It is the second sign in the zodiacal circle. The characteristic is very ambiguous. On the one hand, it is believed that Taurus is very peaceful and calm, and with the second – have an incredible strength, determination, and with great desire can destroy any obstacles in its path. Most often the zodiac sign Taurus choose people who were born from April 21 to May 21.

The mythology

The embodiment of the myth of eternal love is the legend of the calf. If you betray the tales, the celestial God Zeus was very much captivated by his feelings for Europe. It was the daughter of a Phoenician king named Agenor. He was so in love that he purposely reincarnated himself into the image of a bull. He did this to kidnap the girl.

When the daughter of the king once again went to get flowers, the bull came up to her. He lay down at her feet so that the princess could sit on him. Then he got up abruptly and rushed to the sea. Then the bull jumped into the water and swam toward an island called Crete. God was able to fight the raging waves with the help of Poseidon himself. He made it to the island and then appeared to Europe in his true form. The Princess, as soon as she saw Zeus, immediately fell in love with him, then they married and had three sons.

This story became the main plot for most of the famous works of artists and poets. At the same time, the Taurus was given its own constellation in the sky.

The meaning of the taurus tattoo

Taurus sign tattoo is primarily a symbol of courage, wisdom and perseverance. The sign of the zodiac Taurus in astrology for the most part endowed with insight, powerful intuition. It allows you to translate into reality any ideas, to plan correctly. Taurus tattoo combines the image of a bold and strong animal – a bull. That’s why this image as an image most often for themselves choose men.

Interpretation of the calf tattoo can be different. It all depends on what technique it was performed by the master.

For example, tattoo calf in the style of realism – a great idea for those people who value “live” images, because this technique and can convey a full photographic sketch.

Tattoo of a calf, that is made in ethnic style, well suit those people who are close to nature, believe in the secret relationship between man and plants. Slavic motifs, tribal, ornaments are ideal as a supplement to the realization of this image.

Taurus tattoo in Japanese and Oriental style indicates that its owner in most issues is unwavering.
Very often such sketches master harmoniously combine with the elements of water, plants, animals. Taurus tattoo for a man in one of these styles is the perfect and win-win option.

Women very often stop at small and laconic sketches. Quite neat looks tattoo sign calf in the technique of watercolor. It complements the image with highlights, delicate shades. Even a great popularity of the taurus tattoo for girls enjoys in the style of minimalism. Everyone knows it for its simplicity, austerity.

Places to apply

The choice of the place of application of the calf tattoo, as a rule, depends on the personal preferences of the future owner, and even on how harmoniously the image will look at a particular area of the body.

For example, the constellation calf tattoo ideally decorates ankle, hand or wrist.

Large-scale sketches are skillfully performed by the master in the style of realism. It is believed that the larger the size of the drawing, the more detailed it will be. In this performance direction, this is extremely important. You can apply a large sketch on the back, arm or shoulders.

Taurus tattoo still will be an excellent alternative if a person needs to hide skin defects. A professional will be able to cover the burns, scars, scars with such a sketch. The main thing is to take seriously the choice of design and rely not only on its originality, but also on how well the picture can cover the imperfections. It is also important to remember that the tattoo artist should be a good specialist, otherwise the result might not meet expectations. It is from the skill of the artist depends: will the client in the future to go to the correction or not. In the worst case people spend time and money to cover the unsuccessful tattoo.