Tattoo sign of the zodiac Sagittarius

The Sagittarius tattoo belongs to the fire sign. It is ruled by Jupiter. In the zodiacal circle Sagittarius is the ninth. Usually, these sketches are filled with those people who were born on November 23. They are cheerful, sociable, kind, sincere and very easygoing. By nature, the representatives of this sign of the zodiac are very energetic, they love something new, they attract a lot of attention and easily find common ground even with strangers.

Another distinguishing feature is the truthfulness and straightforwardness Sagittarians will not hide anything, even if the truth is very harsh.

A bit of mythology

If we rely on myths, the Sagittarius is a centaur. He has part animal and part human guise. The deity holds a bow and arrows in his hands. This indicates that in ancient times he was considered a great hunter. But this is not just any centaur. He is the son of the god Saturn. His name is Chiron. As a child, he was taught music, predicting the future, and healing. When Chiron grew up, he became a recognized teacher. One day, when Hercules decided to go out hunting, he accidentally wounded a centaur. The arrow was poisoned. A terrifying agony gripped Chiron, but the immortal centaur was never able to leave that world. Hercules promised to find Death as soon as possible. He believed that she could alleviate the torment. The god wandered and one day saw Prometheus, who had previously been cursed by Zeus. He chained him to a rock forever. It turned out that the torment of the fire god would only end when someone else took his place. Chiron volunteered to take Prometheus’ place, for he was dying anyway. This is how the curse was lifted. As a sign of nobility, Chiron was placed in the sky and named his constellation Sagittarius.

Sagittarius tattoo styles

To depict the zodiac sign Sagittarius tattoo can be in different ways. There are many ways. The mighty centaur will look perfect in a thrash polka or realism style. Tattoo Sagittarius for men very often masters stuffed in such techniques as gravosh, black and grey. The work turns out to be black and white and looks very brutal. Tattoo Sagittarius for girls mainly perform in the form of small sketches. Artists choose styles such as graphics or minimalism. It is very beautiful to score such a tattoo in the style of watercolor. It will make the work more subtle and delicate.

Tattoo constellation Sagittarius is considered universal. It is equally suitable for both women and men. Most often it is done in the style of geometry or graphics.

Where is better to apply?

Selected the place of application of the Sagittarius tattoo individually. It is important to consider the elaboration of details, size. For example, for large-scale sketches, most choose the forearm, shoulder or back. It is believed that there is the best way to convey the specificity of the realistic style.

For small tattoos it is better to choose a neck, ankle, wrist. Still Sagittarius tattoo is excellent to overlap the past unsuccessful work or a scar, scar, any other skin defect. Visually from it will not remain a trace, if competently choose a specialist and the sketch.