Tattoo sign of the zodiac Libra

The zodiac sign of Libra tattoo is the perfect tattoo for those people born between September 23 and October 24. Each wearer has their own individual meaning as to why they have nailed this particular sketch. That said, there is also a common meaning. Libra means harmony, balance in everything that can surround the person on whose body there is such a tattoo. Such an image helps to strengthen the impact of the stars and planets on the person. It will definitely attract good luck, but first it is worth to understand the meaning, the main nuances of this symbolism.

A little about the myths

The legend is built around Astraea. She is the beautiful goddess of nobility. It is believed that the gods sent her to earth to help people live in justice, in peace. Astrea’s mother is Themis. She brought scales as a gift to her daughter. It was believed that she needed them so that she could make fair and balanced decisions. Millennia have passed and the climate has changed. It became harsher. To avoid cold, hunger, people started to actively kill animals. Because of this Zeus was very angry. He deprived mankind of fire. Astraea turned to her brother Prometheus and begged him to give this gift back to mankind. He did not hesitate and stole the fire. Zeus reacted negatively and decided to take revenge on Prometheus immediately. He chained him to a rock and condemned him to a painful death. The centaur Chiron came to the rescue. He sacrificed his immortality. Then came the Iron Age. It was marked by bloodshed, by wars. People began to forget such concepts as respect, honor, conscience. Astraea could not stand it, was unhappy and decided to join the heavens. She made the scales a constellation in spite of those people who had ceased to be moral.

The meaning of the Libra tattoo

The patroness of Libra is the planet Venus. The zodiac sign refers to the element of air. People, as a rule, are able to think everything ahead, they are balanced, if they were born under this star. Representative can look at the situation from different positions, he is executive, accurate, knows how to make himself comfortable and has a good command of speech. At the same time, scales are often subject to hesitation, they have doubts. Basically carriers of this zodiac sign go into justice or science. They are not only perfectionists, but also pedants and workaholics.

Libra men are distinguished by a cold mind, an overbearing character. At the same time, they are very attractive, but often indecisive, long to decide on the first step. Tattoo the sign of the zodiac Libra for men can help get rid of negative qualities and accentuate the pros.

Libra women tend to stand their ground. They love attention, are popular, usually choose not a personal relationship, but a career. In it manages to achieve heights. In relationships are very demanding. Tattoo sign of the zodiac Libra for girls can help even more begin to express their own femininity, enhances the positive impact of the starry sky on the destiny.

If we talk about the general meaning, the tattoo of the scales is hard work, power, sociability, calmness and balance.

Where is the best place to stuff it?

You can choose a realistic image of scales or minimalistic. It depends on the preferences of the future bearer. Color solutions are also not limited in any way. For example, you can stuff the constellation of scales with a cosmic background.

Such a tattoo is usually either small or medium. Most often can be seen on the arm, shoulder, wrist, neck, forearm.