Tattoo of the zodiac sign Scorpio

Tattoo sign of the zodiac scorpion – a great option for sketches for those people who were born between October 24 and November 22. People of this constellation are considered the soul of the company. They are very confident, strong, patient and reserved. In this case, if something goes wrong, it is the bearer of this zodiac sign that can very strongly “sting”. It is worth to understand how a tattoo in the form of a scorpion or constellation can affect the fate of the owner, and also, what places for the application are considered the most successful.

Some myths

The legend of the scorpion originates from ancient Greece. It is based on the story of Oreon. He is the son of Poseidon. He is considered a mortal, earthly giant. According to beliefs he was a very good hunter, courageous and beautiful conqueror of the hearts of many women. Once he happened to meet the goddess Eos, with whom he almost instantly fell in love. The god Apollo also had feelings for the goddess, which was a problem. He became jealous and decided that his main goal now was to separate the lovers as soon as possible. To do this, Apollo visited Gaia, the earth goddess. He told her of his intentions. Together they devised a cunning plan which has been successfully carried out. The gods created a terrible scorpion. He stung Oreon to death in the heel and so separated the couple.

The meaning of the tattoo scorpion

Refers this constellation to the water sign. The patrons are considered Pluto and Mars. People who were born under this sign of the zodiac tend to have a natural resilience and strong character. They are hardworking and always set goals for themselves. Scorpios do not look for easy ways. Usually choose the most responsible, difficult work. Many manage to achieve high positions and running a business.

Scorpio men are usually very courageous, but too emotional, harsh. In love, they want to dominate and are owners. Tattoo sign scorpion for men can try to improve the character of the wearer, make it more balanced and emphasize the good qualities, control the negative.

Scorpio women tend to be very distrustful. Rarely do they manage to really open up to someone. They have a natural magnetism, can have power in front of members of the stronger sex. This is the perfect example of charm, femininity, but because of excessive fidelity Scorpios will never forgive cheating.

Tattoo sign scorpion for women can help enhance their good qualities and hide the bad ones.

If we talk about the general meaning of the tattoo sign of a scorpion, he is associated with diligence, perseverance, power, strength of character, purposefulness.

What kind of tattoo is worth getting?

The tattoo may be an astrological minimalist symbolism of a scorpion or a large realistic drawing of this arthropod. It is believed that such a drawing goes very well with other mythological subjects as well. On the basis of the scorpion can create a huge composition.

Such tattoos can also be medium or small in size. The ideal place to stuff it is the hand, collarbone, wrist, calf. Most people do the scorpion sign tattoo exactly on the hand.

It is recommended to pick up a sketch in advance. Tattoo with a scorpion for women and men is universal. The ideal motif is not difficult to find, the main thing is to find a good master. By the way, the tattoo can be done not only to attract the attention of the stars, but also to cover scars or stretch marks.