Tattoo of the zodiac sign Pisces

Tattoo sign of the zodiac fish is most often associated with very kind, calm people who seek maximum comfort and for the sake of loved ones are willing to make any sacrifices. Often the fish are considered unable to cope with problems, unwilling, you need someone to lead them and pushed for solutions. The expression “go with the flow” is just perfect for the fish. It is worth noting that this is even a plus, not a minus. In this lies the real wisdom of this sign. They accept life as it is, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

A bit of myths

The tattoo sign of the fish appeared thanks to a very romantic love story of a mortal named Adonis and the goddess Aphrodite. It is known that she came into the world from the sea foam. Later, the gods decided to take her to Olympus. The goddess of love missed her native places and visited the shore quite often. It was there that she met the incredibly handsome prince. Aphrodite begged for approval of their union, and the gods agreed. Artemis made one condition: Adonis could not hunt boars. One day the lovers were walking along the beach near the sea and they were attacked by a monster. It wanted to steal Aphrodite, but Poseidon helped the couple. He turned them into fish and they managed to swim away.

It was this belief that gave birth to the zodiac fish tattoo. They swam in different directions, but at the same time connected with each other. In the end, the love story ended tragically. A wild boar attacked the prince, but he could not violate Artemis’ terms and chose death. Aphrodite grieved so much that Zeus took pity and went to Hades. He ordered him to send the young man once a year from the world of the dead to the earth. A constellation of fish appeared in the sky in memory of this love story.

Fish tattoo styles

Tattoo with the zodiac sign of the fish can be presented in several variants. Some choose a fish constellation tattoo or astrological zodiac symbol, while others choose a realistic image.

From the selected option in most cases depends on the style of application. So, symbolically, you can stuff the sign in such techniques as tribal, linework, minimalism, graphics or ornamentation. Pisces draw more in the styles of Japan, oldskul or realism. In the eastern direction it is customary to stuff golden Koi carps. The inhabitants of this country believe that it is the image of fish that brings the owners infinite luck, courage. If interested in the constellation, you can put it on the body in the style of linework, using as a background the expanse of space or the starry sky. The meaning of the fish zodiac sign tattoo is always different for each bearer. The drawing emphasizes certain character traits. For example, if you stuff the goldfish, then the person will be more responsive and lucky.

Where is the best place to apply?

To score a tattoo can be on any part of the body. Representatives of the fair sex usually choose a small tattoo sign of a fish and stuffed them on the ankles, neck or wrists. Guys usually focus on the oriental style. For such an image you need a lot of free space. For example, men stuff carp on the hand or use fish as the basis for a sleeve. Tattoos on the back are also popular. The main thing to remember is that any sketch requires skill. It is better to find a good specialist than to spend money to fix it later.