Tattoo of the zodiac sign lion

A tattoo of a lion is a fire sign. In the zodiacal circle, it is the fifth sign. People who were born between July 23 and August 21 wear this sign. They are considered to be very persistent, have the gift of creativity and if they set any goals, then certainly achieve them. Success, activity, determination, activity – this is only a small list of positive qualities. There are also a couple of important drawbacks. Leo is very fragile and has a sharp emotionality. It is necessary to choose words carefully so as not to hurt them. In this case, visually possessors of this sign perfectly control their feelings. In terms of facial expression can not understand that someone was hurt the lion. In the family, they are dictators, but this aspect should be considered on the positive side. The bearers of this sign are very faithful, they are support, support, defenders.

A bit of mythology

If we rely on the legend of the zodiac sign lion tattoo, it is associated directly with one of the feats of Hercules. It is known that on behalf of Zeus, it was necessary to kill the Nemean lion. It was a very intimidating animal to the locals. The fight was long and hard and after the victory the killed monster was brought to Zeus by Heracles. God admired the strength, courage and in memory of such an event created the constellation of the lion in the sky.

Tattoo styles lion

Tattoo of the zodiac sign lion features an extensive list of qualities of a true leader. First of all – it is self-confidence, then – communication skills and ambition. The owner of such a sketch, as a rule, likes to be in the center of attention, he is sociable and friendly.

To score a tattoo in the form of a lion sign is possible in different ways. Someone chooses a realistic image, while others choose a mythical image and stop at the style of fantasy. Tattoo a lion for men is very relevant. The image of a mighty and slightly aggressive beast is suitable for the stronger sex. So they can show their superiority, a certain power. A striking example of such a sketch is the tattoo of a grinning lion.

A tattoo of a lion for girls also looks more than attractive. Often they choose small and neat constellation lion tattoo. Most complement the sketch with delicate watercolor notes. Still beautiful on the body will look a tattoo in the style of graphics or dotwork.

Tattoo a lion with a crown is a universal option for both men and women. If someone likes bright colors, you can choose the new-sculus style, and fans of works in black and white shades will approach the method of gravosh.

Still tattoo a sign of a lion printed and in the classical styles. For example, it can be geometry, ethnics or tribal.

Where to strike?

The zodiac sign lion tattoo will perfectly decorate any part of the male or female body. If we talk about realism, it is better to choose large-scale places, so that the work is done in detail. The back, chest, hips or shoulders are well suited to convey perfect photographic detail.

For a small lion sign tattoo, the collarbone, wrists or forearms can be chosen.

A lion tattoo can be complemented in any size with bright details. For example, it can be flowers, patterns or cosmic motifs. Another lion tattoo is very popular if you need to overlap the past poorly done work. The lion sign tattoo always indicates the moral greatness of the bearer, the strength of the person, his fearlessness. The main thing is to find a professional master, who will perfectly score the individually selected sketch.