Gemini tattoo

Tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Gemini, mostly stuffed people who were born between May 22 and June 21. The bearers of this sign are considered very sociable, communicative, and have a cheerful disposition, but there are also a couple of disadvantages. As a rule, they are very fickle, inconstant natures. The sign itself is the third in the zodiacal circle, and it is also airy. It is the one in which the masculine and feminine are most harmoniously combined.

Learn more about mythology.

Two bright stars exist in the constellation of the twins. They are Castor and Pollux. They were named after the mythical twins Dioscurus. Their father is the well-known Zeus, and their mother was the daughter of the Aetolian king Thestios, named Leda.

The twin brothers were united by unity, infinite loyalty to each other and friendship until, due to God’s will and the coincidence of circumstances, and also fate in one and the same battle, Castor died. Unlike his brother, he was a mortal. Pollux could not endure the loss of one of the most important members of his family. He turned to Zeus and asked him to unite him with his brother forever. Zeus listened to his son and divided the immortality equally between the brothers, thanks to his powers. Having become immortal, they could not be reunited. This was one of the conditions. The brothers always had to be at a distance from each other. That’s why you can see in the sky that when the first star of the constellation of the same name sets, the other one instantly disappears over the horizon.

What does the twins tattoo mean?

The execution of such a tattoo can be varied. For example, the twins tattoo for men looks ideally in such techniques as geometry, graphics and realism. If you go deeper into the realistic works, it is worth thinking about the image on the body not only inanimate images, but also human faces. Thanks to the clear lines and contours in the graphic design tattoo sign twins can very well emphasize the entire dynamics of the body.

Tattoo twins for girls are considered the most popular in such executions as Dotwork, minimalism and watercolor. Laconic and small sketches perfectly suit the image of romantic, delicate nature. Another win-win option is a tattoo of the constellation twins.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Tattoo of the sign of the twins can be embodied in reality on any part of the body. If you want to score a large-scale sketch, then it is better to choose calves, scapula, back or shoulders for this.

Small and medium-sized designs are ideal for the forearm, collarbone or wrist.

If you want to get a tattoo, but it should not be seen by outsiders, it is better then to choose a less conspicuous place. For example, a tattoo of twins can be placed on the seventh cervical vertebra, the lower back or lower abdomen. Then it will be seen only by a chosen few and the sketch will not bring any problems.

In a realistic technique, the twins tattoo looks special. To create it, the master performs a detailed elaboration, quality colors, shadows. In order for everything to come out as it should, it is better to find an artist with extensive experience and a high level of professionalism. Only such a specialist should be trusted with your body. Tattoo sign of the zodiac Gemini – this is not just a very aesthetic and pleasing pattern. For its owner, it can become something like a real talisman. As a magnet, such an image will attract good luck. This magical symbol can make a person more confident in himself, add to life fabulous impressions, bright colors.