Capricorn zodiac sign tattoo

The Capricorn tattoo is the perfect sketch for a person who was born between December 22 and January 10. This zodiac sign in the zodiacal circle is in tenth place and is the patron of the earth element. People who walk under this constellation are considered to be very ambitious. Astrologers claim that the representatives are astute minded, very responsible. They usually choose to pursue professions that require a high level of knowledge and mastery of complex skills. Another plus of Capricorn is boundless mutual assistance. The man is very sensitive, patient, reserved. He is ready to help even unfamiliar people if they say they need something. In communication Capricorn never go first to conflict. They choose the path of reconciliation or concessions.

Capricorns are considered to be strong personalities who will cope with any difficulties.

A little bit about myths

Dionysus, the god of merriment and winemaking, according to the beliefs came down to Earth. He surrounded everyone around him with merriment, positivity and a sense of celebration. He walked with an entourage. They were the Harites and the Menads. They are also known as the beautiful and young goddesses. Dionysus was also accompanied by goat-footed satyrs along with a leader named Pan. Sitting in the woods one day he began to play his whistle very loudly. Because of this, the dragon Python was very angry. He was awakened by the music. The god Pan began to escape and came up with nothing better to do than to throw himself into the brook. To hide his entourage, Dionysus turned Pan into a goat, but instead of legs he had a fish tail. That’s when the constellation called Capricorn appeared in the firmament.

Capricorn tattoo styles

Capricorn sign tattoo can be brought into reality in any way you like. Some prefer realism, while others prefer mythological images. You can choose both detailed elaboration and minimalism. Capricorn tattoo for men are most often performed in such styles as thrash polka dots and realism. Tattoo Capricorn for girls perfectly looks with the choice of technique graphics or watercolor. Tattoos then are very concise and delicate.

Tattoo symbol of Capricorn is a classic that will always be relevant. It is suitable for both girls and guys. It will look great in geometry, graphics.

Where is better to stuff it?

The choice of location of the tattoo Capricorn depends on a large number of factors. It can be influenced by the sketch of the tattoo, the size, the style of elaboration.

If a person wants to score a tattoo with fine detail, then it is better to choose the chest, back or shoulders.

For schematic and small drawings, the ankle, forearm or wrist is ideal.
If you need to hide the Capricorn tattoo from outsiders, then it is optimal to pad it on the lower abdomen, ribs or lower back.

The Capricorn tattoo is perfect for masking scars or scars. The main thing is to place the image so that it overlapped all the defects. Then no one will guess about them.

Whatever place was chosen, the main thing to remember is that the tattoo should be imposed by a master with a high level of skill and ability to work in the area of interest. Otherwise will have to either overlap the tattoo or remove it at all, and this leads to unnecessary costs and painful sensations.