Cancer Tattoo

A tattoo of a crab is a water sign. It is the fourth sign in the zodiacal circle. It is associated with gentleness, sensitivity and nobility. People who were born from June 22 to July 22 have a unique quality. They are empathic. So they can see and guess the feelings of the people around them as if through.

A bit of mythology

The legend of Cancer is often associated with one of the feats of Hercules. To be more precise, this is the same duel with the terrible nine-headed monster. Many know that the hero had to fight the Hydra of Leonia. The king’s nephew by the name of Iolus came to help in this contest. There was no way Heracles could kill the Hydra. He cut off its heads one by one, but new ones appeared in its place and he had to start all over again. In addition, a huge cancer Kraken came to the aid of Hydra in order to complicate the task of the enemy. It is known from the myths that it bit into the leg of Hercules. Eli made a great effort and the cancer was defeated. And after a long battle it was possible to kill the Hydra herself.

In memory of such a feat in ancient times, one of the constellations was called a cancer.

What does a tattoo in the form of a cancer?

In most cultures, cancer is a symbol of fertility and fecundity. It was worshipped for procreation or begged to overcome drought. The backward-facing crawfish tattoo, according to ancient stories, is a reminder that people need to remember their roots and origins.

Some believe that tattoos with the zodiac sign cancer mean that somehow a person is connected to the supernatural world. Some people believe that the bearers can see the future or are quite far from the usual worldview. Usually such sketches are brought into reality with additional elements. This can be an extra claw or a third eye.

The best places to apply

Most often, the future owners of the tattoo cancer listen to the advice of astrologers and from their considerations nabbed a sketch in the chest area near the heart. It is as if they bring harmony and prosperity into their lives.

The constellation of Cancer tattoo can also help with the realization of material desires. It is believed that the owner of such a tattoo quickly achieve success in work, financial stability. If you are not tied to astrological superstitions, the zodiac sign of Cancer tattoo will look great on the back, hip, forearm, shoulder, regardless of size.

Small sketches are most often stuffed on the neck, ankle, feet, wrist. Even the choice of a cancer image to cover a scar or scar is very popular. The main thing is to find a professional master who will apply the sketch so that no one will even guess that there were some flaws on the skin. Tattoos of the zodiac sign Cancer are perfect for people who are responsive, kind-hearted natures, inclined to empathy, sensitivity and ready to help at any time.

Tattoo Styles Cancer

It is possible to apply such an image with any technique. Tattoo cancer for men harmoniously look the most in the style of graphics, Japan or realism. The main element of the tattoo is the cancer itself and often masters complement it with space, ornaments or plants. Works in such stylistics look the most advantageous if they are made in the big size.

Cancer tattoos for girls can be created in the style of watercolor, Dotwork or original minimalism. Also the fairer sex often scores tattoos of the constellation Cancer. Such an idea can be complemented by an unusual background in the form of shimmering stars, galaxies.