Aries Tattoo

The tattoo of the zodiac sign Aries is a fiery sign. This sign is first on the list in the zodiacal circle. It refers to those people born between March 20 and April 19. Bearers are usually characterized by purposefulness. It allows them to succeed in any affairs and always come to their goals. Ovens have self-confidence, a strong character, and they are persistent. This is just a small list of positive qualities that characterize this sign of the zodiac.

A bit of mythology

Aries is a militant fire sign. The legend of his appearance in the world begins with the origins of Greek mythology. According to tradition, it is known that a king named Athamas bound himself by marriage to Nephele. She was considered by all to be the beautiful goddess of clouds and clouds. Their union produced children. They had a son, Frix, and a daughter, Gella. Husband and wife were happy, but not for long. Athamante left for the daughter of the neighboring king Ino, for he could not resist her charms. Nephela grieved greatly. Because of this, there was a crop failure and drought in the world. Athamante was sure that if he sacrificed one of his children, mostly his son, then the gods would have mercy and the land would become fertile again.

Nephela, in order to save her favorite, sent Aries. He was a gift from the god Hermes. It is believed that he was the one who had the honor of carrying both children as far away as possible. They were to be carried to Colchis, lest the father should find a daughter or son there. The children believed their mother and sat on the back of Aries, but Gella could not hold on and fell into the sea during the flight. Phryx was able to reach the place unharmed, and King Aeth took him in. In order for Zeus to forgive such a transgression, Aries had to be sacrificed and since then he has been known in the sky under his personal constellation.

The meaning of the Aries tattoo

It is possible to perform the zodiacal Aries tattoo in different techniques and styles. Very often the masters depict him in the form of a ram. Excellent such a variant looks in such styles as thrash polka, graphics and realism. The characteristic form of embodiment for men is through a ram. Such a sketch will look interesting on the arm or leg, if it is performed in the classical version of the traditional, oldskul, or in Dotwork, geometry.

As a rule, women are stuffed with the image in the form of a symbolic drawing. Aries tattoo for girls looks very interesting, if the image is made in the style of watercolor. Then it becomes more elegant, delicate. Fans of miniature tattoos often pay attention to the laconic minimalism. The drawing in such a technique will be very neat and simple.

Where to apply the tattoo

The choice of location for the sketch is a personal matter for everyone. If the image of the bearer is applied solely for symbolic reasons, then it is mostly medium-sized on the legs, hands. It is still possible to choose miniature Aries tattoos and decorate the feet, wrists, hands, ankle area with them.

More extensive tattoos are applied most often on the shoulders, scapula, neck, hands. People who are fond of the occult are sure that in order to discover their gift with the help of a symbolic drawing, it is necessary to stuff a ram in the area of the neck or collarbone. Often, tattoos with the sign of the rams are done to remove skin defects. These can be keloids, scars, burns, postpartum scars. Then the composition should be chosen and composed so as to hide all the imperfections of the skin and make it so that no one would guess what is actually under the beautiful image.

Whatever place a person chooses for a tattoo of Aries, he can have no doubt that this sign will be for him a guardian, a common amulet, will reveal the best qualities and will give confidence in himself, in any possibilities.