Aquarius zodiac sign tattoo

Tattoo of the zodiac sign Aquarius is the ideal option for representatives of the water element. The constellation in the zodiacal circle is in the eleventh position. People who were born from January 21 to February 18 are considered to be bright individualists. As a rule, they are endowed with optimism, boundless energy and always look at the world only with a positive attitude.

Typically, representatives of this zodiac sign have a special charisma, attractive appearance. Because of this, they can be noticed in the crowd. Thinking is very original, and together with the intellectual development of Aquarius become very interesting interlocutors in any company and quickly find like-minded people. This sign does not tolerate monotony. He always needs to move forward and get new impressions.

A bit of mythology

The history of the origin of this constellation in the firmament is associated with a young man named Ganymede. He was kidnapped at an early age by the gods because of his incredible beauty. The boy was settled on Mount Olympus. There Gannimedes replaced Heba as a cupbearer. Because of this, her mother, who was the supreme goddess Hera, became very angry. Many speculate that Gannimedes was Zeus’ lover and because of the constant arguments, the irritated god sent the beautiful young man from Olympus straight to heaven.

Aquarius tattoo styles

The zodiac sign Aquarius tattoo can be stuffed in a variety of ways. Some choose the zodiac symbolism, while others choose the mythical image of an athlete holding a jug in his hands. Tattoo of Aquarius for men, as a rule, nabbed with restraint and very strictly. Excellent for this style, such as Dotwork, geometry or graphics. Also popular among the male sex are Aquarius tattoos in the style of realism. The main thing is to choose a large scale and take care of the detailed elaboration.

Tattoo sign Aquarius for a girl is mainly printed by masters in the technique of minimalism. It is concise, neat. Very much in demand tattoos of the constellation of Aquarius. They look good and in addition to another composition, and on their own. You can decorate the sketch with a galaxy or a placer of stars. Very interesting tattoo will look in the style of watercolor. It will give a gentle glare, thanks to which the sketch will be more effective. Still do not forget about the traditional execution in the technique of ethnics, traditional, old-school. Aquarius tattoo in classical directions is a universal and win-win option.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Aquarius tattoo can be placed anywhere. Depending on the design, size, type of sketch, harmony and body features depends on the place itself. For example, for medium or small works well suits the neck, forearm, wrist. If the plan is a large Aquarius tattoo, then it is worth choosing calves, shoulders or back. Exactly there will get to create a detailed and very beautiful drawing.

If the tattoo of the sign of Aquarius should not fall into the eyes of outsiders, then you can nab it in the bikini zone or the waist.

Astrologers believe that the Aquarius tattoo is best struck on the legs, because this part of the body will eventually lead to prosperity and stability.