Tattoo Pirate

Pirate as a tattoo motif – sounds and looks bold, because remembering the history, corsairs used to be a real storm of the seas. These seekers of wealth, rum and adventure inspired both horror and admiration. What is the motive to stuff this particular image as a tattoo – let’s figure it out.

The meaning of the tattoo of a pirate

Most often the image of the pirate on the tattoo is interpreted strictly negatively. We can highlight such negative meanings of this image:

  • The desire to obtain benefits, relying on luck, and not by own labor – this value is perfectly logical, since pirates were engaged in robbing ships. More precisely, such a tattoo can adorn the body of someone who chooses a life full of dangers;
  • There is also a criminal meaning of the motive – such a tattoo is interpreted as a person’s willingness to commit a serious crime;
  • The image of the pirate on the body is also a symbol of rebellion. The purpose of tattooing is to shock the society, for which purpose various cartoon and fantastic interpretations of the image are suitable. By the way, it is often a tattoo hinted at, that the man leads a dissolute lifestyle;
  • Jolly Roger – today used as a symbol of anarchists or serves as a way to warn others of the danger that comes from the person;
  • Treasure map – this is a sure sign of the wearer’s hope for good luck and ease. Such a tattoo is now considered a kind of talisman;
  • Nakolka with the image of a pirate ship is the embodiment of a passion for adventure, a willingness to change the place of life or simply a love of fun;
  • Skull of a pirate – its meaning is ambiguous, because there may be many additional elements on the tattoo. It can symbolize a fleeting life, the insignificance of wealth before death, the preservation of principles even after death and so on.

The image of the pirate in addition to all of the above today acquires a certain aura of romanticism. This should be considered an effect of the movies – at this point it is worth remembering the character of Johnny Depp from the notorious film.

Regarding the stylistics of the image themselves of the images of pirates for tattoos, in the leaders of the knocked out style old-school, which is considered a classic art of naked drawing. It is also worth mentioning fantasy, realism and stylization in the pin-up (tattoo of a pirate).

Styles tattoo of a pirate

Although we have already mentioned the stylistics of execution of sketches with pirates, but that’s not all. The image of a pirate is quite multifaceted, so it can be performed literally in any style and the tattoo will certainly look spectacular.

In addition to stylistic trends, tattoos with a pirate can be incorporated in any part of the body. Most often such tattoos are thematic, and in addition to the image of the pirate in the picture there are additional elements. Because of the complexity of the composition, the sketches turn out volumetric and occupy a sufficiently large area of the body. Such tattoos can most often be seen on the back, chest, abdomen or in a sleeve format.