Tattoo Clown

A tattoo depicting a clown is not an image that a person suffering from colrophobia would like to see on their body. In general, clowns are perceived differently, which has put a corresponding imprint on the image for the tattoo. We will try to tell you about the most important things to learn about this image.

The meaning of the tattoo clown

We will try to tell you about the meaning that lies in the images of a clown for tattoos, but do not mix it with jesters, jokers or Harlequins. Many people think of clowns as good-natured and not-so-smart funny men in a silly costume and with a bright scar on their face. However, clowns as a symbol have several hypostases:

  • The above image of a good clown who makes everyone smile. With such a tattoo, a person can emphasize his easy-going character, love of fun and good-naturedness;
  • A clown-philosopher, which is characterized by sad makeup and dullness of the whole image. Such a tattoo can be considered a symbolic sign of the melancholic nature of the person or hint at loneliness and melancholy. Very often, tattoos depicting a sad clown are chosen by creative people, emphasizing their delicate nature;
  • A clown that instills terror into those around him – remember Pennywise and Pogo the Clown (also used by the maniac John Gacy). We can’t say that such images appeared recently, because the fear of clowns was known long before that. Such tattoos are chosen by those who faced the pernicious prejudices of society, which caused the discovery of another dark personality.

The image of the clown is always treated ambiguously, because subconsciously ambiguity is assumed. Quite popular has become a sketch of the clown, which is depicted simultaneously with a smile on his face and a phantom who cries or smirks maliciously.

If we talk more briefly about the meaning of the image of the clown in terms of tattooing, it is worth noting the following:

  • Duality;
  • Out-of-the-box thinking;
  • Concealment;
  • Vulnerability;
  • Mystery;
  • The desire to outrage society.

Tattoo of a clown for men and women

A tattoo depicting a clown is traditionally a male tattoo. However, it is not uncommon to see such a drawing on modern ladies. Women’s tattoo tends to look more subtle, even an interpretation can be used – a female clown.

The meaning that carries this picture, depending on gender or worldview does not change. But in the presence of personal motives for the application of such a picture, you can safely put your individual meaning.

Styles of tattoo clown

In order for your idea of a tattoo with a clown to turn out exactly as you see it in your head, it is worth choosing a suitable style. Blago, in the art of body painting, there is a huge number of stylistic directions that allow you to do this. It is also worth enlisting the support of an experienced tattoo artist who will embody all of the above on the skin.

As for the styles, then to create sketches with clowns most often used realism and watercolor. Very effectively looks tattoo in the style of graphics.

Places of application

Another important question that every client of the tattoo parlor should ask – where to apply the tattoo? At all your will, because it is the client who decides what location to give the master for padding the picture.

We offer to apply a tattoo with a clown on the shoulder, shoulder blade, shin or thigh. A tattoo sleeve will look very effective, but men do it more often – it suits them better.