Tattoo Bogatyr

In the art of body painting there is a special page – sketches with the image of a bogatyr. Such tattoos in recent years have just begun to gain in popularity. Surely you will be interested to know more information about the tattoo bogatyr.

The meaning of the tattoo bogatyr

Tattoo, depicting the hero of ancient Russian bylinae bogatyr, is considered a body decoration for a real brutal man. The first thing that will tell about such a tattoo is that its owner is interested in Russian history. However, this interpretation is not the only one, so it is worth noting such additional meanings:

  • Physical Power;
  • Spiritual power;
  • Courage;
  • Reliability;
  • Courage.

Also a tattoo with the image of a bogatyr can be attributed another meaning – it is the identification of the person with the centuries-old traditions. As a rule, such tattoos are preferred by those who are proud of their ancestors’ experience and their own history.

Tattoo styles bogatyr

The effectiveness of a tattoo that depicts a bogatyr depends largely on the style chosen to perform the sketch. Our tattoo masters can point out several popular stylistic trends in which the bogatyr tattoo is most often performed:

  • Realism is exactly the style that will make your tattoo incredibly lively and unique;
  • Graphics or engraving – it is usual monochrome only at first sight, but in hands of master such tattoo turns into a real masterpiece;
  • Surrealism and other stylistic trends also can offer you very attractive sketches.

Places to apply

A tattoo with a bogatyr is usually a large-scale work because of the abundance of additional elements. Work on such a tattoo is also complicated by the fact that it may require sufficient detail, especially the facial features of the character and his ammunition. All this most often requires to allocate for the application of tattoos a sufficiently large area of the body.

More often portrait tattoos with the image of a bogatyr are placed on the chest, shoulder or shoulder blade. Plot tattoos with bogatyrs can be placed on the back or hip. Less often for large-scale tattoos, the area on the stomach or calves is used. And small natal drawings can be placed on the forearm or hand.

Many tattoo masters always clarify how firmly decided the client to place the tattoo on a particular spot. And you will also act wisely if you place the tattoo on the skin area with “reserve”, as this will help in the future to make adjustments or complement the composition to refresh its appearance.

Sketches of tattoo hero

A great interest in the subject for a body drawing men show, because it is the strong sex of such a tattoo is suitable most of all. But women can also put such a tattoo on their body – this requires a different approach from the tattoo-master to the creation of the sketch. In terms of women’s tattoo with bogatyrs, more popular is its variation depicting a Slavic woman warrior, which looks incredibly beautiful and original.

There are incredibly many variations of the bogatyr tattoo, which can make it difficult for you to choose. However, we advise you to take your time and also consult with a tattoo artist. Our masters are always happy to share trends on the topic of tattoos, in particular sketches with bogatyrs.