Joker Tattoo

The image of the Joker in the art of body art could be given a popularity award if there were such an award. After the high-profile premieres of films about this character, a great many people became interested in tattoo designs in this theme. However, it is worth recalling that this image existed long before the appearance of comics and movies, and of course had its meaning – about this and is worth talking about in more detail.

The meaning of the Joker tattoo

Initially, the image of the Joker in tattoo art was closely intertwined with the royal jesters and the card character. The main meaning of such drawings on the body is the symbolism of the gambling nature of the person who wears this tattoo on the body. However, this kind of interpretation of the symbol is not the only one, so it is worth briefly voicing the most popular of them:

  • Cunning;
  • Lust;
  • Ability to speak sweetly;
  • Daring;
  • A dodgy mind;
  • Lack of fear even before a stronger enemy – remember that jesters were not afraid to defy even kings and executioners;
  • The ability to balance from extreme to extreme.

Almost identical is the meaning put into the image of the modern idol of many, the Joker from the famous screen adaptations. The first outbreak of interest in this character happened in the West, but very quickly it all happened in our country as well. Regarding the semantic load on this symbol as a sketch for tattoos, then there are no significant changes with the previous senses.

Styles and places of application

Having some idea about the traditions of drawing on the body, you may notice – the same image may look differently, which is the result of the influence of one or another style. So your Joker may look different, but there are a few styles that are legitimately leading the way, namely:

  • Realism;
  • Chicano;
  • Thrash Polka;
  • Watercolor;
  • Graphics.

Regarding the places of application, we can notice that guys prefer large-scale pictures on the body with the image of the Joker – it’s the back, thigh, chest. A special chic is to fill in the tattoo with this character entirely on the arms, which is called the “sleeve”.

There are also female tattoos, where the Joker is used as the main character. Girls prefer to place the tattoo on their thighs, buttocks or in the chest area. Small pictures are quite realistic to place on the wrist or ankle.

Tattoo Joker for men and girls

In general, the meaning of the Joker image in the interpretation of the male and female tattoo is identical, but some discrepancies are possible. For men, this image on the tattoo is generally interpreted positively – it means the boldness of the owner’s nature, his risk-taking and excitement in life. Also, this picture emphasizes a certain magnetism and charisma of the nature.

Females choose the image of the Joker relatively infrequently, considering it too aggressive and gloomy. Regarding the interpretation of the symbol, then this tattoo can be given such an interpretation – a girl is ready to take risks, differs with love to manipulation and mockery.

Sketches of tattoo Joker

Before going to the tattoo master, you will probably want to familiarize yourself with examples of tattoo designs with the Joker. You will find a huge variety of design options on the internet, each of which is unique and eye-catching.

On some sketches you will see not only the Joker, but also other characters and symbols. The image of the Joker himself can be depicted in different variations – with or without a smile, the clown makeup is also different. In order to apply the tattoo to the body and not to be disappointed later, choose the sketch carefully and carefully. A preliminary consultation with an experienced tattoo artist can help you a lot.