Gladiator Tattoo

Tattoo – a fairly common way to decorate your own body. The number of motifs and subjects for the body drawing is unbelievable, and it is impossible to list all of them. One of the very popular subjects to date should be considered the image of the Gladiator, and what you should know about this symbol, will follow.

The meaning of the Gladiator tattoo

Tattoos with different images of Gladiators are body drawings that are considered strictly male. However, some members of the fair sex also decide to put on their body similar tattoos, which looks quite spectacular.

Regarding the interpretation of this image, it is worth noting that the symbol can have both positive and negative meanings. On the interpretation of the Gladiator tattoo is very influenced by the colors you choose, the additional details and so on. Also, before applying such a tattoo, you should understand its history, the attitude towards the image in different environments and so on.

A brief description of the meaning of the image of this strong fighter as a tattoo can go like this:

  • Strength;
  • Courage;
  • Hardness of character;
  • Ruthlessness.

It is worth remembering that gladiators fought each other in order to gain freedom – this can serve as a kind of symbol that the man also seeks to be free at any cost. In criminal circles, this symbol is also given considerable weight.

In general, the Gladiator tattoo may serve only as a spectacular decoration of the body, but do not carry under itself a complex meaning. Similar tattoos are especially loved by athletes, whose body is characterized by a special relief, and with such a body image becomes more spectacular.

What part of the body can be tattooed with the Gladiator?

The choice of the location on the body to place a naked picture with the image of the Gladiator largely depends on the gender of the client and the scale of the sketch. Men who choose this plot prefer to apply it to the back, the thigh area or to pad a full sleeve. Small sketches can be located on the forearm or calf. It is not uncommon to place a Gladiator tattoo on the chest or under the ribs.

If this subject is chosen, female customers try to place it on the hip or gluteal area. Female athletes in order to emphasize the beauty of the hands, decide to create a tattoo sleeve with a complex plot and meticulous elaboration. Small tattoos with this image can be placed on the shoulder blade or forearm.