Geisha Tattoo

The art of body painting would be incomplete if there was no place for the image of such a character as a geisha. In addition to the fact that such tattoos are characterized by beauty and complexity, so they can conceal a very deep meaning – this is worth to understand better.

The meaning of the geisha tattoo

The image of a geisha in the culture of Japan occupies a rather important place, which could not help but be reflected in modern times. By the way, the word “geisha” was originally called far from cute girls, and educated young men who were designed to entertain the nobility with conversations and songs during the meal. Women took over this role much later, and such ladies were called geiko.

Today all that remains in ears is the word “geisha”, which has become somewhat vulgar and pejorative. However, when interpreting the tattoos with the image of a geisha everything is a bit more complicated. It is possible to put such meaning into such works:

  • Refinement;
  • Femininity;
  • Sophistication;
  • Mystery;
  • The ability to turn heads;
  • Humility;
  • Strength of mind.

These meanings can describe the meaning of female tattoos with geishas, as for the male variations, it is not so unambiguous. Such a tattoo can be applied to a man who is fond of Japanese culture, without putting any more additional meaning into the drawing. But it is possible that this tattoo on a man’s body is interpreted as a symbol:

  • An overt display of tenderness and infatuation with the female gender;
  • A craving for all that is beautiful and deep;
  • A strong love for women.

Styles of geisha tattoos

The image of a geisha in itself involves the use of bright colors and sophisticated forms, so the choice of a suitable style to create a body image – a matter of principle. The most often used to create a sketch stylistic direction of realism.

Very beautiful tattoos, which are performed in the style of new-sculpture and watercolor. Less popular were geisha tattoos in monochrome and minimalist style, but in the hands of the master these works will also turn into a real masterpiece.

Places to apply

As a rule, to place a naked picture with a geisha allocate enough large locations on the body, because the plot is worth it. An excellent decision to apply such a tattoo on the back, thigh, arm or chest.

Also quite enough space for a tattoo with a geisha found on the calf or forearm. Girls also prefer to apply this pattern to the buttocks area – it looks elegant enough. You can also put a drawing on the subcostal area, which is more common among men.


One mention of the image of a geisha forces in the imagination to draw amazing pictures, where sophisticated Japanese women dressed in rich kimono bashfully hide a beautiful face behind fans. However, the variations of sketches with the image of geisha for tattoos is much more than you can imagine.

Therefore, we advise you to take the process very seriously, because there is a great risk of disappointment, and correcting mistakes in the tattoo is long, difficult and very unpleasant. You can always take advantage of a consultation with our tattoo artists.