Ballerina tattoo

A headshot depicting a ballerina – it looks original and unusual, which tattoo connoisseurs often strive for. Such a drawing is considered primarily female, as it looks sophisticated and feminine, naturally. However, it is not superfluous for you to ask about the meaning that has such a tattoo.

The meaning of the tattoo ballerina

Interest in such tattoos arose about a hundred years ago, which was provoked by the active development of ballet. Like many other symbols used in the art of tattooing, ballerina has a dual meaning:

  • On the one hand, there is refinement, gracefulness, femininity, sexual magnetism, and similar characteristics to which classical ballet dancers correspond;
  • On the other side of the meaning is endurance, sacrifice in the name of art, readiness to endure trials for the sake of doing what they love.

Such extremes in the interpretation make the symbolism of the tattoo with a ballerina very complex and multifaceted. But we know that this body art will suit the one who endures all difficulties of life and firmly passes the tests, while remaining fragile, lightweight and so feminine.

Also you will be suitable for such a tattoo if you are the owner of such qualities:

  • Plasticity, not only in the physical sense, but also in making important decisions;
  • Ability to always remain elegant, even in difficult circumstances;
  • Subtlety and sensitivity of nature;
  • A certain naive reverie that does not prevent you from working on yourself.

Tattoo Places

What part of the body to apply a ballerina tattoo to make it look aesthetically pleasing? If you already have such a question, we are ready to give you the answer. The choice of location primarily depends on the size of the picture, so for a small tattoo will suit the following areas:

  • Scapula:
  • Forearm;
  • Cheekbone;
  • The area in the center of the chest;
  • Clavicle.

If the picture is voluminous or has additional elements, then it is worth thinking about placing the tattoo on the hip or back. Some girls decide to apply a tattoo with a ballerina in the form of a sleeve, which looks incredibly beautiful.

Sketches of a ballerina tattoo

No less important stage than the choice of location of the tattoo is the development of the sketch. The image of the ballerina for the tattoo should undoubtedly be attractive and fully embody the meaning invested in it.

To apply to the body a drawing from the Internet, which attracted visually – it is a mistake that can turn into a complete disappointment. To avoid such a risk, we advise you not to rush, and take the choice with all seriousness.

To ensure that your tattoo brings only satisfaction and not a desire to cover it up, think carefully about the image of the ballerina you want. Everything from the pose of the ballerina in the drawing for the tattoo to the play of shadows from the ballet tutu is important. It is also worth noting that the effect of the tattoo depends largely on the style of its execution.

More information and useful advices you can receive directly from our tattoo masters. And we advise you to evaluate the examples of works already now on the site.