Diamond Tattoo

A tattoo in the form of a cut diamond is quite a multifaceted symbol, speaking of its symbolism. If you are interested in this symbol, then surely in its interpretations there is something that will suit your personality. And right now we’re going to help you figure it all out.

Meaning of the diamond tattoo

The meaning of a diamond tattoo that is clear at a glance is its uniqueness and great value. Many people know that diamonds are of tremendous value, and some are considered unique. In the jewelry arts, cut diamonds (diamonds) are also incredibly valuable. These features and facts have made diamonds the real embodiment of wealth, luxury and splendor.

The second meaning of the symbol is purity in all its manifestations, because the most expensive diamonds are pure in composition. Another quality is the incredible durability of this gemstone, so the diamond tattoo can emphasize your firmness of character or intentions in life.

It should not be forgotten that a cut diamond is an incredible beauty. This fact is the source of another interpretation, which speaks of the external beauty of the person who wears it.

Diamond tattoo styles

The symbolism of the diamond tattoo itself is quite complex and varied, so most often we prefer the style of application linework – a schematic image. However, today originality is welcomed, so it is not superfluous to evaluate the work in such styles:

  • Minimalism;
  • Realism;
  • Watercolor;
  • New Style;
  • 3D.

Places to apply

As a rule, the diamond tattoo is not large – this makes this symbol easy to place on any part of the body. However, there are some parts of the body where a diamond tattoo is most often placed, namely:

  • The visible part of the hand is the wrist, hand, palm and fingers;
  • Such a tattoo can also be placed on the ankle or upper part of the calf;
  • Sufficiently effective tattoo will look on the neck (for men), on the collarbone (for women) or on the scapula.

The listed locations on the body should not be considered the limit, because you can place the diamond drawing in any part. So ladies can decorate the area near their breasts or under their breasts with such a body art.

Sketches of a diamond tattoo

Due to the fact that diamond tattoos are found on women’s bodies, most designs feature additional elements. For example, such an additional element in the design may be a royal crown above the diamond. The male version can be considered a picture of a diamond with angel wings on either side of it, which together looks very stylish.

An inscription or ornate frame can be added if desired or needed, which is more common in old-school tattoos. However, more often preference is given to simpler designs depicting a faceted diamond. A well placed shadow adds realism and volume to such a tattoo.