Tattoo Devil

In the art of body painting there are many symbols, the appearance and design of which is somewhat disconcerting, and sometimes even frightening. Such subjects rightly include tattoos depicting the Devil. You probably a little stressed by such a plot, but you should not worry in advance, and it is more correct to understand the symbolism of such a drawing.

The meaning of the tattoo Devil

The most obvious meaning of the tattoo, which depicts the perennial evil itself is all negative, viz:

  • Malice of manners;
  • Mockery;
  • Insidiousness;
  • Treachery;
  • Lust;
  • Sinfulness;
  • Greed and so on.

This tattoo is very often put on your body by those who have committed a sin and generally considers himself a flawed person. Often the tattoo with the devil woman who sits in a vulgar pose is applied – this symbol can be interpreted as a personification of hatred and anger at all and everything. Also, this tattoo can be attributed a slightly different meaning – the owner of such a tattoo is characterized by a rather complicated character.

Such an image as a subject for tattoos can have a completely unexpected meaning, which is surprising. For example, the image of the cartoon Devil can emphasize the love of mischief, self-irony, or simply used as a way to epatage others.

A fairly popular subject that contrasts the Devil with the image of an angel (sometimes Jesus) is the eternal symbol of the struggle between good and evil. Also, such a drawing can say something about its owner that he accepts both of his sides.

When a person is disillusioned with the world and those around him, it is very common to see the image of the Devil with scorched wings on his body, which compares with the image of a fallen angel. And those interested in mysticism or the occult often put the Devil’s seal on the body – a circle with a pentagram and the head of a goat, which is juxtaposed with the master of hell.

Places of application

Such a tattoo is usually performed monumentally, that is, the sketch is quite large and requires a large enough area of skin to be applied. Clients usually choose back, arm (sleeve) or hip area for this purpose. Men also prefer to decorate their breasts in this way, namely, the upper part and the neck area in front.

Ladies also sometimes choose this image to express their own protest to society. Most often, the Devil is applied to the thigh or the area under the ribs, which looks very sexy. But the most popular female tattoos with this character from the hell are considered cartoon images, which looks very cute and playful. Such tattoos are not large, so it is possible to place them on any area of the skin.

Sketches of the tattoo Devil

Choosing a successful sketch to create your unique tattoo is the most important and responsible stage. This image itself is incredibly bright and charismatic, which inspires artists to create a huge number of sketches in a variety of styles.

Looking for a suitable sketch on the Internet, in our opinion, is not a good idea. More helpful would be if you describe to a tattoo-master their desires and the meaning that is put into the tattoo and he, in turn, will help to pick up a sketch. Due to such an approach to the search for a sketch of the future tattoo you exclude the possibility of subsequent disappointment in the result.