Poseidon Tattoo

Images of Greek gods are very often a source of inspiration for tattoo designs, and this long list would not be complete without Poseidon. Only at first glance it may seem that this is just a bearded man, gray-haired and with some kind of large fork. We will try to present this character from a different perspective.

Meaning of the Poseidon tattoo

Interpret the image of Poseidon as a motif for the tattoo can be and without deep knowledge of mythology – everything is very obvious. This motif can be attributed such meanings:

  • The element of water, ruling the seas and oceans – this made Poseidon a frequent participant in the tattoos of sailors who sought patronage from this god;
  • Male magnetism – it is known from myths that this god was a heartthrob, which many men began to emulate;
  • Rivalry – this is also understandable, because Poseidon constantly competed with Zeus and Hades. The god of the seas was also known as the fearless and incredibly strong.

Having a tattoo of Poseidon is also a way to emphasize your own high status, attractiveness, high self-esteem and so on. A lot about the interpretation of the tattoo with the god of the seas can say additional elements. As a rule, Poseidon holds a trident (that big and strange fork), and his position can hint at power or aggression (if prepared for battle).

Poseidon’s appearance also decides a lot in terms of interpretation:

  • A calm appearance, a non-threatening pose, and a ship sailing nearby hints at patronage, inner strength, benevolence;
  • A menacing pose, a trident on the head, anger on the face – the person is characterized by a fiery temper, does not forgive insults.

Where to get a tattoo of Poseidon?

Tattoo with the image of Poseidon can decorate any part of the body, which is undoubtedly a plus. However, there is one point that is worth taking as a rule – in order for the tattoo to look decent, it is necessary to make the image of the god large and detailed.

If a man wants to emphasize the relief of the body, a tattoo of this nature should be imposed on the back. Quite a good tattoo will look and the hand in the form of “sleeves”, as well as on the shoulder. Below the belt tattoo with Poseidon are extremely rare.