Jesus Tattoo

The image of Jesus Christ has gained enormous popularity among connoisseurs of the art of tattooing. For every true believer in the figure of the Son of God lies a mass of sacred meanings, and in general, without an admixture of faith, the image of the Savior is immensely complex. Therefore, you and I should take a closer look at the description of the interpretation and features of the image of Jesus.

The meaning of the tattoo Jesus

Most often, the decision to put a tattoo with the image of Christ is taken by those who classify themselves as true believers. However, when choosing this particular image, one should study the features and interpretations in different variations very carefully:

  • The original interpretation of the image of Jesus is that by such a tattoo a person seeks to emphasize the power of his faith;
  • The subject of the tattoo depicting Christ with his burden (the cross) is perceived as humility of man with his own destiny. It is also possible to interpret such a tattoo as a person humbly and reverently accepts the will of God;
  • Jesus and the dove – a striking symbol of purity of soul and peace, as well as love for God and humanity;
  • Savior on the Cross – it’s easy to guess the meaning of this tattoo. This tattoo is chosen by those people who have experienced a lot of hardship and suffering in life, which compares it to the sacrifice of Christ in atonement for the sins of mankind. It is worth noting that there is a lot of controversy and superstition associated with such a plot, so it is worth thinking carefully before applying;
  • Images of Christ on a woman’s body (quite rare) is a way to emphasize the commitment to Christian values and strong faith.

Sometimes you can also find somewhat atypical at first glance meanings attributed to the image of Jesus Christ. For example, in a male tattoo, the image of Jesus is juxtaposed with masculinity and a desire for justice. Sometimes with such a tattoo, a man seeks to emphasize renunciation of the dark and evil, as well as atonement for sins and a deep sway in committing them.

The style and setting of the image of Jesus is also an important consideration. More often than not, clients choose sketches in a realistic style. 3D colored drawings and graphics are also highly popular.

Places for tattoos of Jesus

Small tattoos with the image of Jesus Christ are rarely small. The image itself, by its very nature, is difficult to portray compactly, as it requires detailing. In view of this, such tattoos are most often applied to the back or front of the torso.

Also purely male tattoo is considered a sleeve with the image of Jesus. According to a tacit tradition, the image of religious, sacred and important symbols for a man is not placed below the belt, as it is considered disrespectful. This point is worth remembering and observing.