Ganesha Tattoo

Today we can see that people are actively interested in all things exotic, including the culture, mythology and beliefs of India. This trend has not avoided the art of body painting including. One of the quite popular subjects is considered the image of the god Ganesh – it is about this tattoo we will talk further in detail.

The meaning of the Ganesh tattoo

The appearance of this Indian god is quite remarkable – it is a plump man with two pairs of arms and the head of an elephant. Ganesh’s attire is also quite opulent, as is fitting for the god of happiness and prosperity. It is not necessary to delve into the legends and epics, because we are interested in the meaning that is put specifically in this tattoo by modern people.

For many, this tattoo symbolizes:

  • That a person reaches a high level in a certain path, but does not stop his further development;
  • A strong, spiritually and intellectually developed person;
  • The joining of the past, present and future into a whole.

Such a tattoo can become a kind of talisman, which will help in any human endeavors – this study and work, family relationships and communication with other people. Ganesha on the body in the form of a tattoo can also denote the harmony of a person, his spirituality and well-being.

Ganesha tattoo styles

Due to the fact that the image of Ganesha came to us from the Indian epics and mythology, the main style of making sketches is ethnic. Along with it tattoo masters use features of stylistic directions engraving and water color.

We also advise to pay attention to the minimalistic style and variations of the style linework. Such drawings are quite laconic, but this does not reduce their attractiveness and power as a talisman.

Places to apply the tattoo

The choice of a location on the body for a tattoo with the image of Ganesha is entirely the responsibility of the client. However, with a reasonable approach you will certainly take into account all factors – for example, the size of the picture, the desire to hide the tattoo or leave it for others to see.

As for the typical places to place the Ganesh tattoo, most often this area is the back. A large location allows you to apply a complex body drawing, which can not but distinguish the person from the majority.

Guys also like to place a tattoo with Ganesh on the chest or subcostal area. Regarding girls, their tattoos can be placed on the hip, shoulder blade or forearm most often.


If you look for options for tattoos with the image of Ganesh, you will face a problem – there are incredibly many sketches and they are all fantastically beautiful, and you need to choose one. It is not advisable to rush with the choice, as there is always a risk of later disappointment in the tattoo made.

Much wiser to pre-consult with an experienced tattoo-master, who will prompt, tell and show. And one more thing – the advantage of choosing in our favor guarantees high quality of our masters work and unique tattoo sketches with Ganesh.