Buddha tattoo

More often than not, there is a very significant meaning behind the body art. Often the meaning of the tattoo has a religious connotation – this can be called a brief description of the tattoo depicting the Buddha. If you are interested in learning more, then continue reading below.

The meaning of the tattoo Buddha

It is worth dispelling a misconception right away – Buddha is not a deity. The word “Buddha” in Sanskrit translates as “enlightened”. It should be noted that the Buddha is considered a real hero of history, life (mundane and spiritual) is full of amazing moments.

Tattoo depicting the Buddha, most often put on their body those who are adherents of Buddhism or share the ideology of this religious current. However, there is some misconception about this point. Buddhist monks themselves do not have a negative attitude toward tattoos that adorn the bodies of their followers, but they speak negatively about the practice of applying the image of Buddha and mandalas to the body.

Many people invest deep meaning in such tattoos, such as the renunciation of dark thoughts and sinful life, and one’s own renewal and improvement. However, more often than not, tattoos with Buddha are applied to the body by those who want to have a strong talisman capable of changing lives for the better.

Admirers of the symbolism of the image of the Buddha can apply to the body tattoos depicting the head of the Buddha, his hands or silhouette. Such tattoos have a slightly different semantic load, namely:

  • The Buddha’s head carries the symbolism of wisdom;
  • The silhouette represents peace and acceptance of self;
  • Hands folded in traditional Buddhist passages (mudras) – it is creation, work on yourself and other.

Tattoo styles Buddha

More often than not, clients of tattoo parlors prefer to apply tattoos with Buddha on the body, made in a realistic style. Such works look incredibly beautiful, which will not go unnoticed.

Even more worth your attention are works made in other styles, such as:

  • Graphics – such works look spectacular;
  • New-school – tattoos in this style are gaining popularity right now.

Places of application

As with any body image, the place for applying a tattoo with Buddha is selected taking into account the dimensions of the sketch and the wishes of the client. However tattoo masters note that more often such a tattoo is preferably applied on the chest, back, shoulder or thigh area.

Small images are quite realistic to place on a small patch of skin – for example, on the forearm, or even on the hand. Female members of the fair sex prefer to place the Buddha tattoo on the hip, especially in combination with lotus flowers.

Sketches of tattoos Buddha

If you enter the query “tattoo with Buddha” into the search resource, you will get a huge number of variants. Each option is certainly impressive, but you should opt for one. The most successful Buddha tattoos are designs created in tandem with a tattoo artist.

Undoubtedly, a lot of important factors influence the creation of your ideal sketch. For example, male tattoos and their female variations are drastically different. The meaning that you want to put into this tattoo is also important.