Anubis Tattoo

There is hardly a person who does not have even the slightest idea about the gods of ancient Egypt. The most striking representative of this divine family is Anubis, whose image can adorn your body as well.

The meaning of tattoo

If you are interested in the cultural heritage of Ancient Egypt, the god Anubis in particular, you should understand – the subject is serious. Applying such a tattoo, you should remember that the image carries a huge charge of energy. It is important to understand the semantic load of the image. Among the meanings should be distinguished the following most important:

  • The symbol carries in itself high protective qualities, scaring away negative influences from the outside;
  • Gnostic Christians correlate the image of Anubis with Jesus Christ, because this god is a guide of souls in the afterlife;
  • Some physicians consider Anubis their patron because the Egyptians believed that the god had the qualities of a healer.

The design and color scheme of the tattoo with the image of Anubis brings a lot to the symbolism of the tattoo. For example, if the body painting is done in green tones, it symbolizes rebirth or recovery from a serious illness. If you want to emphasize your own strength of character, justice or high position, it is worth noting the presence of gold ornaments on the god Anubis (drawn in yellow).

To apply a tattoo with Anubis or other ancient Egyptian symbols without understanding the meaning of this symbolism is a very big mistake. Advised to read more extensive information on this type of tattoo before you go to the tattoo master.

Very often the bearer of such a tattoo marks in such a way the recognition of his own dark side, but the desire to always do the right thing. Sometimes you can find this interpretation – Anubis symbolizes the fact that the person is still in search of the meaning of life.

In the art of the female tattoo, the meaning of Anubis changes somewhat. Such a tattoo is most often chosen by women who are determined, independent, but ready for sacrifice, which is what the image symbolizes.

Tattoo locations

The choice of location for a tattoo with the god Anubis depends largely on the features of the drawing itself. Since the image of the god himself requires detail and usually has additional attributes, the area on the body should be appropriate.

If you plan to depict Anubis in detail, with worked out fine details or full-length, it is worth setting aside for this back, the upper part of the leg (thigh) or a full arm. In the portrait version of the image of the god tattoo will be placed on the chest, shoulder blade, forearm or on the abdomen. Quite rarely the image of Anubis adorns the hand, because the implementation of this tattoo requires a high level of skill from the tattoo master and painstaking work.

It is worth noting that having enough free space around the tattoo with Anubis will give you the opportunity to update the tattoo, add new elements or correct the design.


The image of the god Anubis is quite interesting and bright, so the choice of a sketch should be taken very responsibly. The most reasonable – to entrust the work on the sketch to a professional, preliminarily describing your expectations and invested meaning.

We advise to pay special attention to the importance of additional elements that accompany the image of Anubis. Very often you can see an image of Ankh, a scarab, a standard with a jackal or a sacrificial altar next to the god.