Angel Tattoo

Speaking of the most popular subjects for tattoos, the image of an angel clearly claims primacy. This love for the image of angels arose because of the need to express their devotion to faith and religiosity in general. However, this is not all there is to say about this type of body art.

The meaning of an angel tattoo

The main semantic load of the image of an angel on the body is the emphasis on its spirituality. Also, such a tattoo may symbolize the need for human protection of higher forces, as well as support for the belief in life after death.

An important point – the image of an angel carries a very complex and deep meaning, as much depends on the style of execution, details and so on. For example, an angel can be depicted as a messenger of light, but there are also dark characters.

If you want to emphasize your religiosity, then preference should be given to a tattoo with the archangel Michael or Gabriel. To the light symbols and strong amulets should also include the image of a guardian angel. A praying angel with a cross symbolizes that a person seeks to atone for sins. What unites these tattoos is that they all mean divine protection and protection, as well as high spirituality.

A dark or fallen angel is a symbol of a loss of faith, but not only in spiritual terms. If the angel of death is portrayed, it is interpreted to mean grief over the loss of love, family or a loved one. However, the angel of death has another meaning – the lack of fear of death.

It is worth noting that an important detail is the location of the angel’s wings or their appearance. For example, the folded wings combined with the angel’s lowered head represent doubts about one’s own strength of faith.

Tattoo locations

As a rule, a naked picture of an angel, regardless of the semantic load – it is a large-scale work with high elaboration of details. This fact indicates that such a tattoo will occupy a lot of space on the body, so most often it is placed on:

  • The back is the most typical location of the tattoo for the representatives of the stronger sex. The angelic wings look very impressive in a spread out form, which is the main advantage of such a location choice;
  • The arm, on which the picture is placed in the form of a sleeve with a rather dense filling – this option of location is actively used by representatives of both sexes;
  • The front part of the torso – it is the abdomen or chest (most often used for male tattoos);
  • Rarely, for the placement of the angel tattoo, the forearm and leg area are used (the exception is the hip area).

The choice of where to place the angel on the body depends largely on the size of the sketch. For example, the image with the presence of a complex composition requires a large space. But if you want the tattoo to occupy a certain place on your body, you should work out the sketch very carefully.


In the Internet it is very easy to find a huge number of examples of tattoos depicting angels in various hypostasis. If you are seriously interested in such a picture and want them to decorate their bodies, it is advised to treat responsibly to the study of the sketch, which is worth enlisting the help of an experienced tattoo artist.

Be sure to draw up a description of the symbolism of the tattoo in the form of an angel – it will be in each case is unique. Relying on the composed description that will help not only to create the image of an angel, perfectly personifying the meaning, but also pick up if necessary other details of the composition.