Butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are quite a popular body decoration at all times. However, even today the popularity of this body image is not reduced. But have you ever thought about the symbolism of such a tattoo? We’re ready to help you figure it out right now.

Meaning of the butterfly tattoo

The interpretation of the meaning of the tattoo with the image of a butterfly is primarily of interest to those who are planning to put it on their body. If you believe that the tattoo has the power to change something in life, then get ready for the amazing, because the butterfly will bring a lot of positive things with it, namely:

  • Immortality;
  • Rebirth;
  • Lightness;
  • Flight of Dreams.

You will be interested to know that in different cultures the butterfly symbol carried its own original meaning. For example, the Japanese considered butterflies a symbol of comfort and warmth of the soul, but later in this image put another meaning – femininity, which is often attributed to the profession of real geiko (geisha). If the butterfly is combined with flowers or floral ornaments, its meaning is interpreted as mutual love, fidelity and harmony in relationships.

And in the Nordic countries they are firmly associated with the element of air and fairy elves. In China, the butterfly, and especially a pair of fluttering moths, are considered a symbol of love – it probably gave the impetus for the couples in love to apply the paired tattoo in the form of these insects. In Mexico, the drawing of a butterfly symbolized the memory of the departed, which can still be used today if you want to document on your body the memory of a departed loved one.

Studying modern interpretations, we found another meaning of the tattoo with a butterfly is freedom. Such can be explained by the fact that the butterfly flies freely, flitting from bud to bud. You can also bring with the meaning of this symbol something of your own, watching these insects.

Places to apply

The butterfly tattoo is most often placed on the lower back, but we would suggest you evaluate other areas for application, for example:

  • The back – this could be a small butterfly on the shoulder blade or neck, or it could be motley and realistic wings over the entire back area;
  • Paired tattoos can be placed on the back of the thighs or on the calves of both legs – this will look beautiful on a woman’s legs;
  • Ladies can also put a butterfly on their stomach, in the middle of their chest, on their breasts, or even in their intimate area;
  • Guys can get a butterfly tattoo on the neck (below the earlobe), on the ankle or on the shoulder blade – this is most common.

There is also the option of such a drawing in the shell of the ear. Small, but realistic tattoos with butterflies can be depicted on the collarbone or the back of the hand. And to give a special intimate image will help tattoo in the form of a butterfly on the buttock, but it is a privilege that can be used by girls – it does not look vulgar, but playful.

Tattoo designs

One of the many pluses of the butterfly tattoo is the incredible variety of variations of execution. Sketches can vary in performance style, size, detailing and more. Due to this you will certainly find your unique version of the butterfly, which fully embodies the meaning invested in it.