Dandelion Tattoo

Recent years have brought great popularity to the motif of the tattoo with the image of a dandelion. In general, the first impression of such a tattoo is pleasant, because you see a cute picture that reminds you of childhood, spring and warmth. Least of all in this picture you expect to see something deep and philosophical. But our motifs for tattoos are not so simple, so it is worth delving into the meaning of the symbol of the dandelion.

The meaning of the tattoo dandelion

The simplicity of a tattoo with a dandelion flies away like an umbrella from the overripe bud of this wildflower. We know this flower from our childhood, gathering bouquets and weaving wreaths. Many people apply such a tattoo precisely because of nostalgia of childhood and youth, or as a reminder of some important place. However, the symbolism of the dandelion is much deeper:

  • The overripe (fluffy) dandelion is a symbol of freedom and lightness, because at the slightest blowing the seeds with umbrellas fly away and float in the air. Sometimes the flower is called a symbol of carefree life and some frivolity;
  • Because of the peculiarities of the life cycle of the dandelion (the period of flowering in the form of yellow flowers followed by maturation), this flower is considered a symbol of beauty at any stage of life;
  • This plant is considered to be very tenacious, which should be considered a symbol of perseverance and overcoming life’s obstacles.

The most popular subject of the tattoo with the image of a dandelion should be considered a picture in which the fluffy head of the flower fly down seeds, in the summer turning into birds. Such a tattoo is most often found on the bodies of girls. Regarding the meaning of such a tattoo, everything can be explained as follows – the transience of life, the inevitability of death, the rapid change of events, memories, and so on.

Quite rarely there are tattoos with the image of a yellow dandelion. Such an image can be considered a symbolic sign of youth or the sun. In general, such drawings are positive in nature.

To be finally convinced of the multifaceted symbol of the dandelion is worth talking about the presence of religious overtones in a similar tattoo. Some Christian denominations correlate the image of a dandelion with the pain of loss and grief, as well as the passions of Christ. But such symbolism of the dandelion is not used today.

In addition to the dandelion with birds, there is another popular motif – the image of yellow and fluffy flowers. Explain such a picture can be our desire to change, to develop and to look for new facets of life.

Tattoo of a dandelion for men and women

Men rarely choose dandelions as a tattoo. If, however, the choice fell on this simple-looking flower, they want to emphasize the transience of life or youth. Rarely, but there is a picture of a dandelion as an additional element on the plot tattoo.

Most often it is the female half of the connoisseurs of the art of tattooing wear on his body picture with a dandelion. The meanings with which the ladies fill such a tattoo were stipulated above. But often with this tattoo and in particular the picture itself, women seek to emphasize exclusively their image.

Where to make a tattoo of a dandelion?

Tattoo with the image of a dandelion can be stuffed on any part of the body. In order for the drawing to be aesthetically attractive, it is worth taking into account the features of the sketch, in particular its size. Small tattoos beautifully emphasize the thinness of the wrist or the curve of the shin. Ladies very often apply such tattoos to the shoulder or collarbone area, which looks very stylish.