Cactus Tattoo

Does a cactus as a tattoo motif seem ridiculous or even unacceptable to you? We will not change your mind, just tell you about the main features of cacti as a source of inspiration for tattoos.

Meaning of a cactus tattoo

You don’t need to be a botanist or a level 80 florist to know the key features of a plant like a cactus. Many people know that cacti:

  • They are such very hardy plants;
  • They’re also prickly;
  • Sometimes they bloom, and they’re quite beautiful.

All this is far from all that is possible to tell about these plants, but we are interested in the meaning that is put into them as a symbol. This thorn in a cute pot can usually be considered an excellent symbol of survivability, that is, such a tattoo you can loudly declare to the world “I am not so easy to kill.

Also, cacti, as everyone knows, do not require particularly meticulous care or unique conditions – this well describes the unpretentiousness and your modest requirements for life. The most prickly meaning of a cactus is the prickles of the cactus, which in a tattoo can symbolize your prickly disposition, but a rather gentle nature.

A cactus tattoo can also symbolize such concepts and characteristics of a person:

  • Perseverance of character;
  • Perseverance;
  • Boldness;
  • Charisma;
  • Willpower.

What not to say, a cactus is quite a peculiar image. The picture itself can be characterized by the presence of additional elements, inscriptions, as well as performed in a different style. A very popular variation of the image, in which a cactus grows against a desert background. Even though there is no sense in the tattoo with a cactus, such a drawing fulfills the main function of the tattoo – to epathet and allocate the bearer among the crowd.

Cactus tattoo styles

In the art of tattooing, there are many styles that can be used to create a tattoo sketch with a cactus. With such a variety, you can definitely be sure that you are sure to find the right motif. It is worth paying attention to such stylistic directions:

  • Realism;
  • Greywash;
  • Linework;
  • Minimalism;
  • Watercolor;
  • Dotwork.

The suggested options are not all the styles in which you can create your unique cactus tattoo with the full assistance of our tattoo artists.

Places to Apply

The choice of location for a cactus tattoo directly depends on the size of the sketch as well as your desire. However, there are undoubtedly some trends regarding tattoo placement. For example, small motifs are printed on the hand, ankle, wrist, shoulder, collarbone and similar small areas of skin.

Large-scale tattoos involve the use of large locations for application – this is the back, thigh, chest or the entire surface of the arm (sleeve).