Dolphin Tattoo

If you are planning to decorate your body with a truly ancient symbol, then you should pay attention to the image of a dolphin. We advise you to learn a little more information about this image – it is interesting.

The meaning of the dolphin tattoo

The origins of the symbolism attributed to dolphins in the form of a body image begin in the myths of ancient Greece. There, this animal was treated with special feeling, considering it a symbol of love and good-naturedness. An interesting fact is that scientists have noted that dolphins are proven to have sex for pleasure, and this makes it a symbol of great sexual potential.

The ancient Greeks, however, had a dual attitude toward this sea inhabitant. They believed that dolphins were turned into sailors who did not mind the pleasures of alcohol. And the Egyptians had a completely positive impression of dolphins – they put in this image incredibly deep sense of unity of man with nature. Sometimes this meaning fills modern body art.

In the modern tattoo the following meanings are invested in the image of the dolphin:

  • Love of life;
  • The desire for happiness and joy;
  • The presence of a great dream;
  • Energy;
  • Harmoniousness of a person;
  • Personality’s rebelliousness;
  • Lightness of character and cheerfulness.

As many of the images used in the art of body painting have the peculiarity of changing the meaning when the composition changes. For example, a tattoo with a pair of dolphins represents the unity of male and female origin. But most often, a tattoo with a dolphin serves as a kind of talisman, protecting people from trouble.

There are also religious significance of the image of the dolphin, which is led for a ship. This tattoo represents the image of Christ the Savior, who is leading the faithful people. Sometimes you can find a sketch of a dolphin bound in chains – a symbol of Christ’s Passion.

Dolphin tattoo styles

The image of a dolphin as a sketch for a tattoo is fertile ground. The animal can be depicted in different ways, which allows the tattoo artist to show the whole level of his talent. Most often, such a drawing is performed in a realistic style, as well as imitation graphics or watercolor paintings.

Worthy of your attention are the options for sketches of this tattoo in the ethnic style, as well as newskul and Dotwork. Quite interesting are the options for tattoos according to the conditions of the style of old-school and minimalism, as well as linework.

Tattoo dolphin for men and women

It is not a secret for you that the meaning of tattoos for men and the fair sex can be radically different. This fact is also typical for tattoos with the image of a dolphin.

The presence of a tattoo of a dolphin on the male body can emphasize his love for the elements, as well as belonging to the profession of the sailor or surfer. However, not only this meaning can be put in the tattoo with a dolphin – the picture can indicate the good temper of the owner, his cheerfulness, or a huge importance of sexuality.

Regarding the meaning of the female tattoo with a dolphin, then here all rather imprecise. Such a pattern can reveal the sexuality of the owner, and may hint at the romantic nature and ease of character.

Regarding the location of the tattoo with a dolphin, then customers have a lot of options. Small drawings can be placed even on a finger or behind the ear. Plot sketches are recommended to apply to large areas of skin – this can be the hand area, back, thigh or chest. However, never tattoo-master will not limit you, but will advise to think thoroughly and weigh all moments.