Firebird tattoo

Among the motifs for tattoos, most are mythical creatures endowed with special qualities and properties. The Firebird is one of such characters, which is very often compared to other similar images (for example, the same phoenix or the Sirin bird). We will not burden you with the details of myths and legends about this bird, and tell you about the most important.

The meaning of the tattoo of the Firebird

Applied tattoo with the image of the Firebird not only as an ornament, because this image is endowed with a very deep meaning. Our ancestors considered the image of this amazing bird as a kind of talisman that brings good luck.

As for the modern interpretation of the image, it is worth noting the following options:

  • By analogy with the phoenix, the Firebird can represent a rebirth or rebirth – tattoo with such an image often stuffed people who have overcome a serious disease or their own fears;
  • The image is filled with the most profound philosophical meaning – the tattoo can mean that the owner has comprehended all the mysteries of life;
  • Firebird in many peoples (not only Slavs) was considered a symbol of the cyclical nature – it can also be compared to the relationship between man and nature, life and death, good and evil;
  • Perfectly logical meanings of the Firebird as a tattoo motif – the presence of an inner core, fortitude, wisdom, great willpower.

Male and female options

The image cannot be called exclusively male or female, because the drawing of the Firebird is universal. However, it is fair to note – the meaning and appearance of the Firebird tattoo may differ between genders.

The symbol of the Firebird is chosen, as a rule, thinking men, as well as those who are peculiarly in love with the symbolism of this mythical bird. And for most women, the Firebird tattoo is a way to emphasize their own originality and mystique. Also women like to add a special mystical connotation to this image.

It is fair to say that a large part of men and women apply to the body with a tattoo of a Firebird only because of its brightness and attractiveness. Therefore, you should not worry if you do not put any special meaning in such a tattoo.

Places for the roaster bird tattoo

The most frequent tattoo with the image of a feverbird do men, and as the location of the location choose the back – it allows you to create a truly monumental on the picture. Smaller images can be on the forearm, chest, shoulder or calves.

As for the female tattoo with this bird, they try to place it on the thigh or in the middle of the chest. Less common are variants of the picture on the ankle or hand.

We advise to carefully consider the choice of location for the padding of the tattoo, because disappointment will be costly – a long error correction or even painful removal of the tattoo. In general it is not superfluous to reinsure and consult with the tattoo-master, after all the expert will not give bad advice.