Crane tattoo

The image of birds is a motif for tattoos as popular as plant ornaments and mythical creatures. Right now, we’re going to talk about the meaning and aesthetics of the crane, which is also often used as an image for body art.

The meaning of the crane tattoo

The image of the crane is primarily a symbol of spiritual freedom. And according to Eastern wisdom, these birds are considered the personification of wisdom and long life. Such a tattoo should be considered a conscious choice of people who consider cranes not only a strong talisman, but also a personal guardian.

There is a religious meaning in the drawing of cranes. Christians considered these birds as a kind of mediator between people and God. And fans of mysticism believe that this bird and talismans with the image of crane can influence the fate of people.

Today it is believed that if a woman chooses this symbol as a tattoo, then she has a very strong connection with home. But you can’t argue with that – a tattoo with a crane looks exciting and aesthetic.

Who will it suit?

We can’t say that a tattoo of a crane is a symbol of a particular gender, as the symbol is universal. However, it is impossible not to notice that the female tattoo is more refined and emphasized feminine, if compared to the natal drawings for men.

One thing can be noted – if you are the one who chose this symbol, then it’s destiny and so it is necessary. The most important thing is that this tattoo will bring you pleasure, and not disappointment, so the choice of the sketch is worth to take very seriously.

Sketches of a tattoo of a crane

The tattoo sketch is worth choosing a few topics or any rules, and by the call of your heart. First of all, the drawing should resonate with your state of mind and character, as if a pair of cranes resonates.

But tattoo-masters remind – women’s and men’s tattoos are fundamentally different things. It is not necessary for a gentle girl to apply on the body some brutal plots. But most of the subjects with cranes do not imply excessive rudeness, but exclusively female these images can not be called.

And if you still have a hard time making a choice, do not hesitate to ask the advice of a tattoo-master.