Tattoo Wolf

Wolf is a sacred, totem animal in many cultures. The symbolism of this image is quite diverse and ambiguous. However, all this was enough for connoisseurs of the art of body painting were inspired and created a whole cult of the wolf tattoo. If you are also interested in this type of tattoo, you should definitely learn more about the styles of application and interpretation of the symbol.

The meaning of the tattoo wolf

If we talk about the wolf as a symbol, its roots go back to ancient times. However, different peoples interpret the symbol differently, and modernity has introduced additional meanings and secret meanings.

In the first place, it is worth perceiving the wolf as a natural predator, which does not have many real enemies in its natural environment. Observations of the behavior of this predator reveals the meanings that can symbolize the image of the wolf:

  • Physical power;
  • Loyalty to family;
  • Fearlessness (drawings with a wolf whose gaze is calm);
  • Aggression and danger, if the tattoo depicts a snarling wolf;
  • Loneliness is symbolized by a tattoo with a wolf howling at the moon.

The wolf tattoo is considered most preferred for the male body. However, some ladies can also decorate their body with this predator tattoo. When a wolf tattoo is a female body decoration, its meaning may be as follows:

  • The importance of motherhood;
  • Endurance and the ability to endure any trials;
  • Strength of mind;
  • Self-sufficiency.

Changing the appearance of the wolf tattoo or adding certain details can change the meaning of the drawing. For example, if the wolf is depicted with fiery eyes, it speaks of the owner’s interest in occult knowledge. And if the wolf is depicted coming out of the flames, then such a tattoo is considered a symbol of the dark side of the owner.

But about the interpretations of the wolf symbol as a tattoo we can talk almost endlessly, and it is time to tell us a few more important points.

Styles of tattoo wolf

Most often, a body drawing with a wolf is depicted in such styles:

  • Geometric lettering;
  • Watercolor;
  • Realism;
  • Thresh-polka.

It is also worth highlighting a few of the most popular stylistic areas of images for tattoos. Most often the wolf is drawn on the body, stylizing it in the Slavic or Celtic style. It is also worth noting that the wolf tattoo looks very effective in monochrome and color.

Places of drawing

The choice of the place of application of a tattoo with a wolf in the first place depends on the size of the sketch. According to the observations of tattoo-masters, most often clients ask to depict a wolf on the back or chest, if it is a man, and on the hip or shoulder, if it is a representative of the fair sex.

Plot nudes can be applied to the arm area – this is the so-called sleeve. Even guys like to decorate the forearm area with a small image of a wolf surrounded by a forest.

Tattoo of a wolf for men

The stronger sex often identifies itself with the image of a wolf, which once again emphasizes its belonging to the stronger sex. Such a tattoo perfectly fits the image of a brutal macho or self-confident businessman.

It is worth recalling the key interpretations of the wolf tattoo for men, it is:

  • Greater physical strength;
  • Aggression;
  • Dangerous temper;
  • Courage and so on.

Tattoo of a wolf for girls

It is difficult to match a woman with the image of this predatory beast, but it is worth looking at the depth of the philosophical meaning. A girl may want to decorate her body with the image of a wolf in order to emphasize her self-sufficiency and willpower.

Also, this symbol is chosen by those women who value most of all the family and partner loyalty. Do not ignore the meaning that the girls themselves can invest in the made tattoo – for example, drawing a wolf on the body may be a reminder of a deceased loved one.