Tattoo of the Ram

Among the varieties of motifs for body art a special place belongs to the so-called animal tattoos. Right now we will tell you what a tattoo depicting a ram means.

The meaning of the ram tattoo

Such a tattoo with a ram can be monochrome or colored, occupy a large area of the body or be almost invisible because of its small size. However, one of the most important points is the meaning of this body tattoo.
The first meaning that comes to mind is the zodiac symbolism of Aries. The image of this animal in this case can simply mean that a person is born under this sign. However, the ram tattoo contains a deeper meaning:

  • Willingness to persevere toward a goal, even to break through;
  • The presence of physical strength and power;
  • In many peoples, the ram symbolizes the sacred fire, so the animal and its image is considered a talisman.

Rather strange and atypical meaning for such a tattoo is the beginning of spring. This fact allows you to apply such a tattoo to those who were born in one of the spring months. Also, this interpretation in modern times transformed, now tattoo ram can carry the meaning of rebirth or renewal.

In addition to the generally positive symbolism, body painting with ram can be interpreted in a negative way. The ram was always considered a very stubborn animal, which could well be opposed to such a quality as purposefulness. Also, the ram was often used as a sacrificial animal in various rituals, which brings to this symbolism a certain aura of dark forces. It is this fact that has made tattoos with images of rams one of the favorite images among mystics and esotericists.

Most often, the tattoo with the image of a ram or the skull of this animal prefer the representatives of the stronger sex. However, women, who have a strong will to achieve the goal, can also decorate their body with such a symbol.

The meaning of the ram’s skull tattoo

The tattoo, which depicts the skull of a ram, is worthy of separate coverage of its meaning. In many cultures, the skull of a ram was considered a symbol of otherworldly power, as it is this part of the animal’s body decorated temples and altars.

The skull of a ram often decorates their bodies of people practicing various occult practices. However, this symbolism can only indicate that its owner is open to all the secret and inexplicable.

Sketches of the ram tattoo

Due to the fact that the stylistic trends in which tattoos are performed are quite diverse, the sketch of your particular tattoo can be performed in different ways. In order not to be later disappointed in the aesthetics of the tattoo, we advise to choose the sketch very carefully.

First decide with the size of the tattoo and the place where you would like it to be applied. Most often such a tattoo is applied on the chest, back or shoulder blade, as well as on the thigh. But small tattoos can be placed on a small area of skin – for example, on the arm, forearm or collarbone.

Regarding the design of the sketch itself – this is a job for a real pro in the art of body art. But you should create a description of the meaning you put in this tattoo, as well as pick up similar sketches from the Internet.