Squirrel Tattoo

Such a cute forest animal squirrel has also become a source of inspiration for connoisseurs of the art of body painting. But such a tattoo you do not notice often on the bodies of men and women. Probably this situation is due to the fact that the meaning of this symbol is not known to all, but we will correct it right now.

The meaning of the tattoo squirrel

The image of a cute red fluffy is a tattoo, which is most often chosen by the fair sex. However, the rather deep meaning of the squirrel tattoo allows to slightly expand the horizons of its use. In view of this, the squirrel can put on his body and a man.

As for the meaning behind this symbol, it all lies in the features of the squirrels’ behavior in the wild. This animal is distinguished by the speed of movement and vividness of mind. The small animal is also noted for its industriousness and hoarding. All these facts about squirrels and their behavior allow us to attribute this meaning to the tattoo with their image:

  • Remarkable mental ability, which helps to make the right decisions very quickly;
  • High capacity for work;
  • Nimbleness, dexterity, and speed, which manifests itself in movement;
  • A tendency to hoard, which can also be called farsightedness.

All these are quite positive interpretations of the tattoo symbol in the form of a squirrel. However, the image of this animal can carry some negative connotations in the interpretation – it is some selfishness, cunning, willingness to accommodate and hypocrisy. However, the red-haired animal is so cute that these minor nuances are not worth paying attention to, which is what many people do, applying such a tattoo simply because of sympathy for squirrels.

Squirrel tattoo styles

All examples of tattoo designs with squirrels can be divided based on the stylistic features of their execution. The most popular style in which the tattoo with a squirrel is performed, was and remains realism. However, we advise you to evaluate other variants of execution, namely:

  • Watercolor – this style is most liked by the female audience;
  • Quite interesting samples of tattoos made in the style of graphics and prints;
  • Small tattoos with squirrels, made in the minimalistic style of linework;
  • Modern young people prefer to have their body tattoos with squirrels in the new-school or Art Brut style.

The voiced styles of execution of the designs of tattoos with squirrels – this is not all, so you can study the samples further. You can also get acquainted with modern trends – for example, many people liked the squirrel from the cartoon “Ice Age”.

Tattoo locations

Depending on the size of the squirrel tattoo, the design can be placed on any area of the body. However, there are a few of the most popular placement options:

  • On shoulder, sometimes with filling part of back;
  • The back or shoulder blade;
  • Women most often prefer to place such a tattoo on the hip or ankle;
  • A purely male tattoo is considered a squirrel on the chest, while women prefer to place a squirrel on the collarbone or in the front of the neck.

Sketches of a squirrel tattoo

The character of a squirrel is quite bright and interesting, which is 100% expressed in modern tattoo sketches. If you want to decorate your body with a squirrel tattoo, it is not unreasonable to study very carefully the options offered on our website.

To the choice of a tattoo with a squirrel you should treat very carefully. Also, it is not superfluous to describe in detail the meaning that you put into your body drawing. Do not refuse the advice of experienced tattoo artists and trends of modern trends.