Cobra Tattoo

Entering into the search engine query “tattoo”, for sure among the first photos will be the image of reptiles, in particular cobras. This motif only at first glance may seem repulsive, but the statistics of tattoo parlors says quite the opposite – it is the image of reptiles gather around a majority of fans. Are you already interested? Then it is worth learning a little more about the symbol, its meanings and about the peculiarities of tattoo designs with a cobra.

The meaning of the tattoo cobra

To cobras in many countries is a very specific attitude. In India, they were revered, but feared, and in ancient Egyptian culture there was a whole cult of these reptiles. There is hardly a person who does not know from the lessons of history that these reptiles were depicted on the symbols of power of the pharaohs – it is worth considering the source of some interpretations of the symbolism.

It is among the key interpretations of cobra symbolism as a motif for tattoos is the designation of power. Particularly associated with power is the image of the royal cobra, which looks without all the embellishments very impressive. Regarding the other meanings, then it is worth to allocate the following:

  • Patience – just think of the reptile’s hunting methods;
  • Gracefulness – if you disagree, watch the video that captures the cobra’s movement;
  • Pride – this most likely comes from the appearance of the crawlers.

This can also be attributed to the interpretation of a cobra tattoo with a negative coloration. Often you can meet this interpretation – the cobra is a striking symbol of temptation and meanness. This can be seen as a result of fear of these reptiles, because a drop of their venom can kill. But to be fair, it is worth noting that a cobra does not attack if it does not feel threatened by it or its offspring. The latter fact should be considered sufficient motive to consider the cobra tattoo a symbol of rejected motherhood and honesty, as well as courage.

Styles of the cobra tattoo

In the art of body painting is rarely guided by the rules, because the tattoo initially smells like a protest to the sanctimony of society. However, there are stylistic trends, according to which the sketches are classified.

Regarding the cobra tattoo, then you should appreciate the sketches in the following styles:

  • Realism;
  • Graphics;
  • Ethnic style;
  • Traditional;
  • New Style.

But we don’t limit you by any means to the above list of styles.

Tattoo locations

Remember that limits and rules are not for you. Therefore, place the tattoo with a cobra you can on any part of the body. We can only advise you to score a tattoo on your arm, back or leg.

If the picture is quite small, you can apply it on the hand, ankle or collarbone. Women prefer to apply such tattoos on the hip, lower abdomen area or on the cleavage – it is very bold, but beautiful.