Panther tattoos

The image of predators always prevails among the motifs for tattoos – this can be explained not only by the external attractiveness of these animals, but also by their charisma. The list of predators would not be complete without panthers, because this image is very popular among connoisseurs of the art of tattooing. If you want to put this particular cat of prey on your body, it is not unreasonable to know the meaning of this image, as well as styles of tattoo execution and places of application.

The meaning of the tattoo panther

The panther we are interested in is a jaguar with a very special black color, which has become recognizable all over the world. The image of this big black cat is ambiguous and full of contradictions:

  • Because of the gracefulness of the beast, panthers are most often associated with femininity, but the entire figure of the cat is filled with natural strength;
  • Many consider the panther a symbol of tenderness, but the big cat can be very aggressive and is not without courage to rush the enemy;
  • Combined with the light image of the jaguar, panthers are often compared to the dark side. But the sight of a cat’s grinning face was considered a strong talisman capable of protecting a person from evil forces.

Ancient peoples treated panthers differently. For example, the Egyptians considered panthers a symbol of passage to the afterlife. In China, these beautiful cats were considered the embodiment of treachery, and at the same time, African tribes revered panthers as the supreme deities and totem animals.

Today, a panther tattoo can serve not only as a talisman or totem, but also as a simple body decoration. Often the tattoo is worn as a symbol of sympathy for a cartoon character – the pink panther or Bagheera.

Panther tattoo styles

The image of a panther will certainly look organic, regardless of the style chosen by the artist. However, there is always a special demand for sketches that are created in such directions:

  • Realism;
  • Traditional;
  • Old-school;
  • Greywash;
  • Tribal.

Places to Apply

A panther tattoo can fit into the aesthetic of any body, no matter the location. The choice of location of the tattoo always depends on the preference of the client, but do not forget about the specifics of the sketch you preferred.

Men, according to our observations, more often prefer to have these tattooed on the chest or on the arm (sleeve). While ladies, trying to emphasize their sexuality, most often draw the tattoo on their hips or cleavage. But remember – the final choice is up to you.