Panda tattoos

The image of a rather peculiar representative of the bear family called the panda today adorns not only clothes and accessories, but also the bodies of many people. This tattoo motif cannot be called ancient or too complicated in terms of meaning. However, we will try to give an interpretation of such a drawing as a tattoo, because it is important for you.

The meaning of the tattoo panda

The meaning of the motif for a tattoo in the form of a panda, we will begin to look in the character of the animal and its habits. First, it is worth noting – these bamboo bears (pandas are often so called) are considered a rare animal. Secondly, this kind of bear has such features:

  • Amazing sense of smell;
  • A very aggressive disposition;
  • Prefers a secluded way of life.

In popular culture, the image of the panda has come to be deciphered as a symbol of high confidence. Sometimes you can find information that pandas are a symbol of seeking compromise. This meaning of the panda probably arose due to the fact that outside the rutting period animals do not engage in conflict, preferring to leave.

Interpretation of the symbol

The panda symbol leaves connoisseurs of tattoo aesthetics a lot of room to search for meaning. We can offer you a few good choices:

  • Unique or defenseless is logical, as pandas are listed in the Red Book;
  • Laziness – this is taken from the fact that pandas move slowly most of the time;
  • Keeping Calm – Pandas are generally melancholy, which may well characterize the person who chose this motif for the tattoo.

The character is quite bright in appearance, but simple – this does not reduce the popularity of the symbol in any way. Many people decide to apply just such a tattoo solely because of its appearance. Especially cute seem sketches made in the form of a cartoon character.

Tattoo options: styles, ideas, locations

Sketches of tattoos with the image of a panda can be made in the most different style, but the great popularity received such directions:

  • Watercolor;
  • Realism;
  • Geometry;
  • Old school.

Other styles can also guarantee you a special aesthetic of the picture, so you should not refuse to evaluate a few examples. Regarding panda image options, as well as subjects, it can be noted – the variations are infinitely many.

And it is possible to put a panda tattoo on any part of the body. If you have chosen a small drawing, it can be placed on the arm or ankle, leaving the tattoo in plain sight. Quite effectively such a picture will look on the shoulder, shoulder blade, thigh. Possible and large-scale works, which are standardly placed on the back or stomach.

Tattoo for men and women

The motif for the tattoo, which depicts a panda, is not considered purely female or male – it is universal. But to be fair, it is worth noting that women prefer this tattoo mainly because of its cute appearance, as it makes their image more gentle and innocent. Accordingly, the image of the panda can be accompanied by:

  • Flowers, hearts, wings;
  • Styling as a cartoon character;
  • Change of color and so on.

In the men’s tattoo, as a rule, the emphasis is on the meaning of the panda image. For example, men can emphasize their own friendliness with this tattoo. Also guys prefer a more brutal and bold subjects, where the cute bear is depicted a little gloomy.