Ladybug tattoo

On the bodies of many women you can notice a cute drawing in the form of a ladybug. Such tattoos are considered elegant – this is largely due to the coloring and originality of compositions. However, not even all owners of such tattoos know its meaning, but we will now correct this.

We consider the interpretation

The symbol of the insect, which we call ladybug, has long been associated with the Virgin because of the coloring. In view of this, tattoos with ladybug acquired religious meaning, which attracts believing people.

Regarding the main semantic load of such a tattoo, we can note the following:

  • A sign of good luck;
  • Attraction of good luck;
  • Desire for peace (peacefulness).

When you plan to depict a ladybug on your body, it is advisable to pay attention to the number of spots on the wings of the beetle. So the image of a ladybug with one spot is considered a talisman, which helps to solve life situations easily and simply. As for the other numbers of spots on the wings, the following can be noted:

  • Two circles – harmonious relationships;
  • Three – helps to find the right path in life;
  • Four or five – symbolizes creative pursuits;
  • Six – makes it easier to learn something;
  • Seven – a talisman of luck and happiness.

In general, such a tattoo carries exceptional positive interpretations. But there are a couple of meanings that carry some negative connotations. Ladybugs are considered a symbol of treachery and inconstancy.

Styles of tattoo ladybug

The most popular style for a ladybug tattoo is considered realism – it allows you to achieve the effect of having a live bug placed on your skin. If you want more brightness, you should certainly assess the options sketches in the style of Watercolor or new-sculpture.

Rather effective look tattoos with ladybugs, made in the styles of old-school and graphics. The latter style will allow you to create an attractive schematic image of the bug mascot.

Features of ladybug tattoos for men and women

As it was noted in the very beginning – the image of ladybug more often choose representatives of the fair sex. About such women we can say that they very subtly understand the beauty of the body image and know how to emphasize their femininity correctly.

However, such symbolism is far from stereotypes. Tattoo with ladybug may well adorn the male body, acting as a talisman. However, in this case, a sketch made in monochrome is preferred.


The most important stage of tattooing is the choice of a sketch. Tattoo-masters can offer you a huge number of variants of execution of the symbol of a ladybug, so to make the choice of one becomes an incredibly difficult task.

In order for this task to be accomplished and not bring a lot of inconvenience, it is advised to take your time, but observe a few tips:

  • Study a couple or three sketches from each style – this will allow you to understand the clues of your own taste;
  • Decide on the size of the ladybug tattoo – this can affect the detail of the sketch;
  • Decide exactly where the tattoo will be placed – on the arm, shoulder, collarbone and so on.

One more thing – it is not necessary to neglect advices of experienced tattoo masters. And you can start looking for your ladybug tattoo on our site right now.