Hare (Rabbit) tattoo

Among the huge variety of symbols that are used as motifs for tattoos, images of bunnies are a particular female weakness. Drawing a bunny, which is almost no different from a rabbit, is not just a cute picture – it also has some secret meaning. However, we will not hide this meaning for a long time, and tell you everything as it is.

The meaning of the tattoo hare (rabbit)

One, even a fleeting glance at the drawing of a hare sometimes enough to put a smile on the face of most people. Surely this was one of the impetuses for women to start stuffing the image of these rodents as a tattoo.

The symbol of the hare (rabbit) is very closely intertwined with a woman’s tenderness and cute appearance. However, we can not deny that the symbol of this animal correlates with fertility, so the tattoo may hint at your strong desire for sex. But these are not the only meanings that can express a tattoo depicting a hare:

  • Developed intuition and some interest in the occult – this can be symbolized by a tattoo of a horned bunny combined with some mystical symbols;
  • Youth and liveliness – this value is attributed to the hares because of their mobility and speed, well, and great fertility;
  • Wisdom – this is attributed to the animal in Eastern countries;
  • This symbol can indicate not only the fecundity, but also the frank sexuality of women, as well as her emancipation.

In what style should I get a tattoo?

To decide this question, you should think about what your goals are. If you’re going to decorate your body with a spiritualized and very lively image, you should choose a sketch of a hare in the style of realism. If you need a mascot, the ethnic style or minimalism can be considered the best solution.

If you want to add flair – surrealism and new trends works will help you with this. quite simply, you should not limit yourself to one sketch, it is better to evaluate several options. And to get information, it is wiser to consult with a tattoo artist – he will be able to suggest what style of tattoo will suit you exactly, taking into account your tastes, profession, wishes and so on.

What to consider when choosing a place?

Do not know where to apply a tattoo with a bunny? Everything is quite simple – you are guided by the peculiarities of the sketch. For example, a large image is usually placed on the back or side, as well as on the hip. Small drawings are quite fit on the ankle, forearm, collarbone and other parts of the body.

There is no need to limit yourself, if you liked the image. Have any doubts or difficulties – they will help to solve an experienced tattoo-master.

The meaning of the tattoo hare for women and men

The image of a hare (or a rabbit, if you like it better) is considered a purely female tattoo, but this is not so. The image of this animal may well be stylized for a male tattoo. Rabbit and hare from “Alice” are considered very suitable characters, by the way these examples are quite universal.

Men often choose the image of these animals to emphasize their sexuality. For women, such an image is a way to indicate their sweetness, tenderness and passionate nature.