Fox tattoos

What tattoo to choose in order to definitely stand out from the gray masses? We want to offer you to consider the sketches with a fox. This image, if we ignore the semantic load, will suit everyone without regard to gender or character traits. But we advise to learn a little more about this image, because it is not devoid of meaning.

The meaning of the fox tattoo

If you remember how the fox was portrayed in myths and even folk tales, you can highlight the cute appearance and irrepressible cunning. Because of this preconceived attitude to the forest predator, the image has a negative coloring – it is guile, cunning, dexterity, cunning.

And such attitude to foxes was formed not only among the Slavs. For example, the Chinese said – where foxes live, you can not build a village. However, it was in China, these predators were considered a talisman that brings success. And also can bring long life.

Perhaps it was from the legends of Asia image of foxes crossed over into the art of body painting. It is known that in Japan, tattoos with foxes were applied to the body of those who wanted to develop and improve. It’s also worth remembering the myth where foxes were endowed with the ability to reincarnate into a person.

Speaking more concisely about the semantic load of the image of a fox as a tattoo, we should highlight the following:

  • Uncommon and dodgy wit;
  • Cunning and a tendency to deceive, which can be used as a protective mask;
  • “Fiery” disposition – this is because of the characteristic coloring, probably;
  • Cuteness;
  • A certain mysticism of image;
  • Sexuality that borders on sinfulness and outright lust.

The interpretation of the image of the fox as a tattoo is influenced by how the image is depicted, or what additional elements are used. For example, a fox’s grin can mean an embittered and aggressive person. Want to emphasize the importance of family and care for them, then choose the image of a fox, curled up in a ball. And the curved back of the animal or the playful position of the torso most often indicates the sexuality of the wearer.

Meaning for men and women

To see a fox on the sketches of male tattoos is real, but this occurs very rarely. Thus, men want to emphasize such moments:

  • Devotion to their other half or a certain cause;
  • The choice of loneliness due to the loss of a loved one;
  • The desire for material well-being;
  • Used as a talisman of prosperity and success.

But this image of a man is chosen very rarely. Most often it is preferred by young men, but the sketch is very characteristic – a fox, which tries to emphasize the superiority and the high opinion of themselves.

For women, the image with the image of a fox is revealed most fully, because it is very suitable. The semantic load tattoo helps to express mystery and complexity of character, as well as graciousness appearance and fragility of the figure. Also, this body image ladies wish to emphasize their sexuality. Still advise not to forget the negative coloring, which is inherent in the image of a fox.

Tattoo styles fox

Sketch of a tattoo with the image of a fox is possible to perform literally in any style. But you should definitely appreciate the work in such styles:

  • Geometry;
  • Minimalism;
  • Realism;
  • Watercolor;
  • Old school;
  • Graphics.

Places to apply

To score a tattoo with a fox can be on any part of the body, but be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the sketch. Most often, tattoo-masters apply a drawing on the shoulder, hand, back or lower leg area. However, especially attractive such tattoos look on the hip or collarbone.