Dragon tattoo

A tattoo, regardless of the option or style you choose, usually has its own meaning. If you want to put a really serious work on your body, it’s worth considering a dragon tattoo. While you are pondering, we are happy to tell you a little interesting information about this symbol.

The meaning of the dragon tattoo

The dragon tattoo has a very ancient history. Most often, this image inhabits the legends of eastern countries, especially China. This creature is mythical, so he could attribute a variety of values. In general, this character, as well as the image as a tattoo, is ascribed four main values:

  • Power;
  • Power;
  • Wisdom;
  • Loyalty.

Based on some legends from the Middle Ages, dragons were addicted to gold and jewels. Because of this, these mythical images are considered a talisman that promises to bring a person wealth and good luck in all things.

There are many nuances in determining the meaning of a tattoo – for example, the presence of wings, grinning and so on. It is worth considering a few examples:

  • A dragon with a grin or fire from its mouth is a symbol of an aggressive nature and explosive character;
  • A cartoon dragon can be considered a symbol of some frivolity as well as a cheerful disposition;
  • A sleeping dragon represents a harmonious personality;
  • If a black or white dragon is depicted, then this symbol can be considered a symbol of unity of all elements and nature in general;
  • A dragon and a tiger are a popular sight in the East and this is interpreted as a variation of the Yin-Yang symbol.

You can also pick up a dragon image for a personal tattoo with a special meaning. However, often girls and guys score tattoos with the dragon not as a talisman or a symbol with meaning, but guided only by the aestheticism of the image.

Places of application

The tattoo with the image of the dragon is a very beautiful and, as it turned out, convenient for the work of the tattoo-master figure. This mythical creature can be depicted in different ways, the size of the image can also be different. In view of this, a tattoo with this image can be applied to literally any area of the skin.

Sometimes the choice of location for the tattoo depends on gender. For example, guys like to portray a plot and quite large-scale work, for which they use the back, chest, leg or arm completely. Very impressive looks tattoo wriggling dragon on the forearm.

Female members of the fair sex often for the application of such a tattoo choose the clavicle area, neckline or thighs. Very sexy looking tattoo with a large dragon, whose body wriggles on the leg and stretches to the bottom of the stomach. If the tattoo is small, you can place it on the foot or ankle.

Tattoo dragon for girls and men

There are no special distinctions concerning the image of the dragon for the application of the naked pattern on the female and male body. However, in the sketch may be made some changes. For example, men often choose dragon tattoo sketches with flame, shield and weapons. Whereas girls are more impressed with the image of a dragon with flowers or complex in the padding of the wings. It is worth noting that the sketches for the female tattoo are more decorative and bright.