Doberman tattoo

Very often the image of dogs becomes the image that inspires many tattoo artists. One of the most attractive body art is considered tattoos with the image of a Doberman. Who is suitable for such a tattoo? What does it symbolize? If you have already had time to think about these questions, it is worth reading the information we offer.

The meaning of the Doberman tattoo

Dobermans are a breed of dog, to which a very ambiguous attitude. On the one hand, these animals are very loyal, like all other dogs, but they are attributed great ferocity. Regarding the meaning, which reveals the meaning of the tattoo, it is worth noting the following:

  • Loyalty;
  • Willingness to sacrifice;
  • Protection of his family and friends;
  • Nobility – this symbolizes a purely male tattoo of a Doberman in a suit.

All those who choose this image as a tattoo can be divided into two groups. The first are those who associate themselves and their character with the image of a beautiful dog. And the second group consists of those who have such a pet, and the tattoo is a way of expressing great affection for the dog.

By the way, to apply a personal drawing with a Doberman can also those who wish to immortalize the image of their deceased pet. But it happens that the tattoo with a Doberman has only one purpose – to decorate the human body.

Popular tattoo options

The most popular option and he is also the most difficult to perform – it is a portrait performance of the dog. Such tattoos are ordered by owners of Dobermans, who want to always have the image of a pet with them.

An exclusively female version of the tattoo is the image of a Doberman surrounded by flowers. Such a tattoo is usually placed on the hip or forearm. Ladies can also give preference to minimalist tattoo designs, which can fit on a small area of skin.

Doberman tattoo designs may contain other additional elements. For example, men may prefer the sketches in which the Doberman is depicted with a weapon, in the tongues of flame or surrounded by money.

What kind of sketch to choose is up to each client specifically. We advise to study in advance the styles used in the art of body art, as well as to study examples of works and placement of tattoos on the body.