Dinosaur Tattoo

Can you believe that there were huge living creatures called dinosaurs on Earth before us? While you are trying to find the most reasonable answer, tattoo masters can offer you a lot of attractive drawings that will decorate your body.

Meaning of a dinosaur tattoo

The image of a dinosaur (such as the famous Rex) is usually associated with concepts such as:

  • Great physical strength;
  • Endurance;
  • A stern temper;
  • Aggressiveness.

Also, the fierce expression of the dinosaur’s face on the tattoo can speak of dominance – this can be considered an explanation of the male tattoo. Another interpretation of such an image is that the man refuses to suppress his emotions and appears in front of others in a natural state.

As for the image of cute dinosaurs, which can be painted on the bodies of both sexes, the interpretation is quite positive – it is a love of adventure. And the dinosaur skeleton on the tattoo can symbolize eternity and respect for the past and history. Sometimes you can see a drawing of a baby dinosaur coming out of an egg – it is an expression of one’s own struggle with fears and complexes.

Dinosaur tattoo styles

The image of a dinosaur in terms of its image for a tattoo sketch can be performed in a very different style. Each client can choose a sketch that most accurately emphasizes the meaning of the tattoo. However, there are a few styles that can be called the most commonly used, namely:

  • Realism;
  • Ethnic style;
  • Chicano;
  • Neo-traditional;
  • Graphic.

However, you should not be limited to the listed styles, because there are many more in the art of body painting.

Places of application

As always, the places of tattooing chooses each client independently. However, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of the chosen sketch and its size. You should not dismiss the usefulness of the advice of the tattoo master – he knows exactly how best for you.

Most often, tattoos with the image of a dinosaur are depicted on the back or hip – so like men. However, girls also often choose the thigh area to place such a drawing.

And small and cute drawings with dinosaurs are quite realistic to place on the ankle, wrist or neck. Girls also as a location for placement of such a picture choose the collarbone area. However, do not limit yourself, because together with a good tattoo artist you will be able to fit the picture on any part of the body.