Deer tattoos

A tattoo with the image of a deer is a very deep meaning symbol. Therefore, girls can right now give up the joke that this noble animal is an exact copy of their ex. In the art of tattooing, this motif continues to gain popularity, as the animal itself is characterized by its beautiful appearance.

The meaning of the tattoo deer

The mythology of many peoples contains the image of deer and very often this animal envelops an aura of mystery. Sometimes these animals were considered the guardians of secret knowledge, as well as endowed with a variety of abilities. It is worth telling about a few beliefs, which in part are the source of the modern meanings of this tattoo motif:

  • The Greeks appreciated the beauty of the deer, choosing it as a symbol of nobility and valor. Very often this animal is depicted next to Artemis;
  • In China, deer were considered symbols of prosperity and wealth;
  • And the Japanese noted the ability of deer to shed antlers – this made the animal a symbol of rebirth, as well as wisdom and longevity.

The motif for the tattoo depicting a deer is liked not only by philosophers or supporters of Oriental culture, but also by travelers. The latter fact comes from the fact that people have noticed the tendency of deer to change the location for grazing.

The most noticeable thing about the deer’s appearance is not its bottomless eyes, but its branching, massive antlers. We are not going to joke, on the contrary – this part is our ancestors with the image of the Tree of Life. By the way, you may notice that among the sketches of tattoos with deer, the drawings in which the horns of the animal are transformed into branches prevail.

It is impossible not to mention that deer correlate with goodness – perhaps because of the huge and beaver eyes. This interpretation has made popular the subject of the tattoo, which depicts a deer and a snake (a symbol of evil), which can be considered a symbolic representation of the struggle between good and evil. There is another variation – the deer tramples the snake, which represents the victory of good over evil.

But the image of the deer is not so unambiguous. Quite popular subject for tattooing is a deer skull, which corresponds with the symbolism of death, fading, and also soullessness. Sometimes such a picture is filled with mystical meaning.

Tattoo of a deer for men and women

The image of a deer is considered universal, because it can complement the image of women and men. However, the subjects of tattoos for different sexes are fundamentally different. Guys prefer more brutal sketches – for example, the image of fighting deer.

Regarding the female tattoo, then these designs are characterized by the effectivity and abundance of additional details. Girls have a special attitude towards the subjects with deer, which are complemented by flowers. Also, ladies who are interested in esoterics or mysticism prefer mysterious or even epathetic sketches.

Deer tattoo styles

The style of the sketch with a deer can be diverse, and everything depends on a mass of factors. For example, girls most often choose styles of watercolor or realism, where the use of color and a high level of detail is assumed.

However, do not underestimate other stylistic trends, as the picture can be very expressive and appropriate for you. For example, men should appreciate the work in the styles of Dotwork, graphic and new-school.

Places to apply

The choice of the place for the application of the tattoo with a deer in the first place depends on the expected effect of the figure. The thing is that the deer is a very distinctive image, which has one prominent part – it’s horns. And in order to emphasize the horns, the tattoo should be placed on the back or chest.

But this applies to large-scale tattoos, with more compact to solve the problem of location is easier. Such a drawing can be seen on the hand, shoulder, shoulder blade, thigh and so on.