Coon Tattoo

One of the most interesting and unusual symbols used as a motif for a tattoo is the image of a raccoon. Such a tattoo is excellent for both girls and representatives of the stronger sex. If you liked this image, then the meaning of this symbol will certainly seem interesting.

The meaning of the tattoo raccoon

The main characteristic of raccoons in their natural habitat is cunning, high intelligence, quickness. Cute face made them desirable animals as pets. Raccoon owners will tell you many facts about them, and the main one is their ability to naughty.

As a totem and sacred animal raccoons became revered by the Indians, and they admired in this animal qualities:

  • The ability to act stealthily;
  • Apparent cunning;
  • The ability to find a way out of any situation.

Modern tattoos with raccoons have 100% positive meaning. Such a tattoo is applied to emphasize his cheerful and easygoing disposition, as well as friendliness. Also, such a motif can hint at the presence of the sketch owner’s outstanding mental abilities.

Do not forget that raccoons are not only a cute face and interesting habits, but quite a serious predator. Therefore, the meaning of the tattoo can have two interpretations. Those who wear a tattoo with a raccoon, this fact can hint to society that they are not so simple and you should not offend them, because a cute person can show and use their teeth, as the small predator does.

You don’t aspire to put any secret meaning into the image of a raccoon on your body? Even in this case, you should not deny yourself this kind of pleasure, and the tattoo-master with pleasure will create on your body a real masterpiece with a raccoon in the main role.

Raccoon tattoo styles

Most of the sketches of tattoos with the image of raccoons belong to such styles:

  • Realism;
  • Greywash;
  • Watercolor;
  • Graphic;
  • Ethnic;
  • New-school.

However, the proposed stylistic trends are not the only ones, according to the rules of which the sketch of a tattoo with a raccoon can be made. There are other styles that can offer you sketches with a cute raccoon face, which will be the most suitable.

Places to apply

Choosing a style to create a raccoon tattoo sketch is not the only important thing you should go through. You should take the process of choosing the location on the body where the design will be applied very seriously.

Depending on the size of the sketch, a tattoo with a raccoon can be applied to such areas:

  • The back or part of it (lower back or shoulder blade);
  • Different areas on the arm – from a finger to a full sleeve with tight padding;
  • The front of the torso – women prefer to apply such a tattoo on the collarbone or the area under the ribs, for example;
  • Legs – such a tattoo looks spectacular on the ankle or thigh in the case of the execution of the female tattoo.

In general, you can choose any part of your body where you want to place a tattoo with the image of a raccoon. However, it is not superfluous to consult with a tattoo-master – he will not advise bad.