Cheetah Tattoo

Among the tattoos with carnivores, the cheetahs have a special aura. These tattoos can become a decoration of the body, both men and women. Concerning the fact to whom exactly will approach such tattoos and, in what style should choose the sketch – about this we will talk in more detail further.

The meaning of the cheetah tattoo

In terms of aesthetics, the cheetah tattoo is a recognized favorite among a huge number of tattoo artists. However, not only the appearance of the figure matters, but also its semantic load.

There is a long-held belief that the cheetah tattoo is only suitable for a brutal man with a strong character. However, on a woman’s body similar tattoos are also possible to see, which looks very effective.

The basis of the semantic load of the image of the cheetah as a tattoo are such features:

  • These cats of prey are considered one of the most ancient animals on Earth;
  • They are capable of tremendous speed when chasing their prey;
  • Cheetahs are outwardly beautiful animals.

The ancients had a peculiar attitude towards cheetahs. These predators were even sometimes used as pets or instead of hunting dogs, which was common in Eastern countries.

As for the meaning of the tattoo with a cheetah, the following can be noted:

  • Speed of reaction;
  • Determined action;
  • Gracefulness (female meaning);
  • Striving to achieve the goal;
  • Beauty – it is clear one look at the predator.

Separately, the male cheetah tattoo can serve as a kind of symbol of passionate desire and high potency, because the males of these cats are willing to pursue females. To the same interpretation should be added endurance. Additionally, the cheetah tattoo can be considered a talisman that can bring good luck in love.

Cheetah tattoo styles

Because of its high popularity in the art of tattooing, the image of a cheetah can be done in any style. However, there are several of the most popular stylistic trends:

  • Realism;
  • Watercolor;
  • Ethnic tattoo;
  • New-school;
  • Greywash.

Places of application

Most often, the cheetah tattoo is applied to the hand – it can be a forearm or shoulder area. Also quite often the figure is placed on the leg. Women’s cheetah tattoo looks very impressive at the hip area, while men also prefer to apply to the location of the calves or below the knee.

Large plot sketches tattoo masters recommend to place on the back or chest. And small drawings on the female body can be placed on the collarbone or behind the ear.


Experienced tattoo masters do not recommend rushing to choose a sketch, because the tattoo is a serious step. To exclude the risk of subsequent disappointment or correction of a mistake, making a tattoo with the image of a cheetah, try not to rush with the choice.

Of course, you should first decide on the meaning that you want to invest in the picture. And do not refuse to consult with the tattoo artist, who is always happy to give helpful advice.