Cat tattoos

There is no need to look for a more feminine image for a tattoo if you have already got the image of a cat. It is this animal attributed a lot of qualities, both positive and negative. But in one thing we are sure completely – a tattoo with the image of a cat will certainly look spectacular.

Meaning of the cat tattoo

Cats have long been considered an ornament of any cozy home, but these animals can hardly be called fully domesticated. The peculiarities of the relationship between man and a representative of the felines can be called symbiosis, as a man from this animal receives consent to decorate his life, and the owner gives the cat love, food and shelter.

It is not unreasonable to recall how the ancestors treated these animals:

  • Cats in ancient Egypt were creatures that were revered like gods. Until our days have survived a lot of historical evidence of this attitude in the form of works of art;
  • The Indians, on the contrary, were very much afraid of cats, as they attributed to them the connection with the other world, with evil spirits and all sorts of evil spirits. The same attitude towards cats was popular in medieval Europe, where these cute animals were considered assistants of the devil;
  • The Slavs are an example of the dual attitude to these animals. On the one hand, cats were considered companions of witches, and on the other, they were ascribed protective properties.

There are many tales, legends and fairy tales where the image of a cat is used. In such a way our ancestors tried to explain the behavior of these animals and learn what role they do play in our lives.

Regarding tattoos and their meanings, everything is not as simple as it seems. There are many variations of the image of cats – from realistic to mystical. For example, almost photographically accurate portraits of cats on the body is a way to express all the love for your pet or to honor his memory, and you should not look for additional interpretations.

If the tattoo depicts a cat with three eyes, then most likely the person wants to mark their own insight and intuitiveness. Such an image often carries occult overtones, as well as another variation – the image of a two- or three-headed cat. These tattoos are often complemented by various sacred symbols and signs.

The image of a cat as a tattoo is most often a woman’s choice. Such tattoos are made by those ladies who want to emphasize the playfulness of character, independence, sophistication and a number of other features of their personality. However, you can see similar tattoos and on men, which in no way spoils the masculine image.

Cat tattoo styles

To depict such an organic animal everywhere as a cat is realistic in any style that can only be used in the art of body painting. However, we can note several stylistic trends that are especially loved by our customers:

  • Watercolor;
  • Realism;
  • Graphics;
  • Linework;
  • Minimalism;
  • Neo-Tradition;
  • New-school.

But don’t forget about cat tattoo designs in other styles. Among these options may be exactly the design that awaits you.

Tattoo locations

You can apply a tattoo with a cat on any location of the body, and you can be completely sure – it will look spectacular and organic. But you should not discard the importance of taking into account the peculiarities of the chosen sketch, its concept and size.

Regarding the locations that are most often preferred for a tattoo with a cat, then it is worth highlighting different areas of the hand. Large subjects are applied, as a rule, on the back, thigh or side. But remember – you are not limited in the choice of an appropriate location for a tattoo with a cat.