Bulldog tattoo

Tattoos quite often depict various animals. One of such body art is a tattoo depicting a bulldog, and the meaning of such a drawing is worth talking more about.

The meaning of the tattoo bulldog

A body drawing depicting a bulldog, more often than not, is a symbol of a person’s special attitude towards dogs of this breed. Sometimes with such a tattoo, a person wishes to preserve the memory of a deceased pet. In this case, it is simply necessary to observe photographic accuracy.

However, a certain and quite logical meaning of the tattoo with a bulldog is still endowed. If we recall the history of the breed, the semantic load of this symbol turns out as follows:

  • Bulldogs are considered an English breed, which is personified with the image of a gentleman, so it can be applied to his body by men who consider themselves gallant and well-mannered;
  • Also, these dogs were previously used to corral bulls – this gave reason to consider the tattoo with the bulldog a symbol of strength and courage;
  • When the bulldogs became a decorative breed of dog, they began to be preferred by people of the higher class (nobility, artists, etc.) – this made such a tattoo a symbol of good taste, high prosperity and relation to the elite.

Regarding the other meanings, which encapsulates the tattoo with a bulldog, much has come from the peculiarities of the appearance and behavior of these dogs. Surely you have seen the muzzle of a bulldog – it can not help but to placate – so this tattoo can choose as a body decoration girls with a cute appearance. It may also be noted that these dogs are characterized by mobility and playfulness, which can also be interpreted as a symbol of indefatigability.

The owners of these dogs know firsthand that bulldogs require special treatment because they are vulnerable and susceptible to various health problems. This fact makes this symbol as a way for girls to emphasize their own fragility and vulnerability.

Also the owners of these dogs will readily confirm that bulldogs are infinitely loyal to their master and are ready to sacrifice for him. Thus, a tattoo with a bulldog can be considered a symbol of loyalty and sacrifice for the sake of a loved one.

Places to Apply

Apply a tattoo with a bulldog can almost any place, but it depends on the amount of work. However, there are a few of the most commonly chosen places to apply a tattoo depicting a representative of this breed of dog, and these are:

  • Thigh area – this area of the body for this tattoo is exactly the representative of the weaker sex;
  • The hand – more often such image decorates strong male hands;
  • Calves – here also prefer to place a tattoo with a bulldog just men;
  • The back and shoulder blade are universal locations for such tattoos;
  • The front part of the torso – on the chest the image of a bulldog may be liked by the stronger sex, and on the stomach can wear such a picture both men and women.


A cute bulldog face – this is not the only option for the execution of such a tattoo. You can find many variants of sketches with bulldogs, made in the most popular styles of body drawing.

We only have to advise not to rush with the choice of the desired sketch for a tattoo. It also does not hurt to consult with an experienced tattoo artist beforehand.